Question: What's the best outfit to make a boy give me a long hard spanking over his knee?

From my experience the best outfit is the one you wear for school. I think school officials really gave it a good thought when they designed the skirts. It easily rides up so they can reach your bottom for a good spanking when you are a bad girl. It is such a good design that at times they don't even need to bend you over at your knees. They can just tell you to pick up a pencil they drop or do it over the table. You should get your school girl uniform and give it a try. Go ahead, just pick something on the floor bending at your waist and you will know what I'm talking about.

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  1. interesting question and I see your point about the short skirts the girls wear in school...then again when I pose for photos I often dispense with the skirt and just wear a thong, sometimes panties...I really like this topic...hehe