Question: what is your phobia?

What scares me the most are ghosts. I can deal with just about anything else... demons, meh... zombies, woohoo... vampires, ok... spiders, tickle tickle... but ghosts. Oh no! I guess it is because you can't really do anything about them other than calling Ghostbusters. Yup, paranormal stories is what keeps me awake at night. Watching porn also keeps me up at night but for other reasons. On a funny note. I searched for "sexy ghosts" on the web and this is what comes up as the top results.


  1. Ghosts isn't something you should be afraid of, people who are alive are much more deadly. I love the paranormal, I tend to go a little far with it and like to dabble with the occult. Ghosts are actually "removable," you just gotta know what you're doing. Its funny how you don't see demons as being something scarier. I'll tell you, those are worse than people who used to be alive and are now haunting the residence they belong to, in other words, ghosts.

    funny how you googled sexy ghosts, I don't really consider ghost remotely sexy, unless they might be a female ghost totally naked? If you count a succubus as a ghost like being, they they can be sexy for you. :)

    ...Yeah, I'm really into some stuff!!

  2. Disease, if i was immune to all diseases i would be a total slut.