Question: Devil?

I think the Devil is Manchester United! ;-) Just kidding. I don't favor any football teams, especially not English ones. Oh boy! A religious question. I think people are free to believe whatever they want but the whole heaven and hell thing raises lots of questions. For example, if you are a good girl/boy then you go to heaven and you want all your family and friends there because you love everyone, right? But what if one of your relatives or friends is a bad girl/boy and is sent to hell? Wouldn't that be impossible because your heaven would not be heaven without that person (no matter their faults) being there? That's a conundrum.


  1. I like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints model of heaven. There are varying degrees or glories, so it isn't just black and white. Your family can be together forever, marriage does not have to be 'til death do you part.' It can last for eternity. Finally for your family members who do not keep their covenants you are able to visit them in their lesser degree of glory, but they can not go up to your higher degree of glory to visit you. So it is their 'hell' by not going up to visit you, even if they still have some glory but it is still your heaven since you can visit them whenever you want.

  2. I forfeit such impossibilities of heaven, hell and wathever, today is the day... Live your life the way you want just as long as you don't stop others from living the way they really want ^-^

    Though Sasha your answer is a good one :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra