TG caption: for-research-purposes

I need to get a thesis like this TG cap.  Now that would be fun.


TG caption: too-many-choices

Don't you hate when you have too many clothes to choose from? No, not really. :-)


Question: Whips, floggs, chains, ropes, or "more, please!"?

Why "or"? I'd say "and more, please!" ;-) I actually never got into anything too rough. You can say I have a low tolerance for pain but a high curiosity threshold. I wouldn't mind trying it all... at least once... or twice.

Question: How high of a heel would you want to be able to wear on a daily basis?

I like the look of the 3.5-4" heel. It has that little extra sexiness over the 3" heel.

Question: Are platforms on heels cheating?

Nah. Anything that makes you look like a stripper isn't cheating. Too high of a high heels makes a shoe uncomfortably sexy to uncomfortably bdsm. Platforms give girls that extra height and sexiness while still being a wearable shoe. The again, if you are wearing platform heels you probably won't be on your feet for too long. ;-)

Question: Do you prefer to say "please, Sir, more!" or "please, Ma'am, more!"

I really don't care who is serving as long as the ice cream is tasty!


Question: Sasha, just what is a TG, I was told she it a change-over from female by operation, is the true, you see I'm a CD.

I think labels are misused and misunderstood all over the place. Especially in the transgender community it seems like labels are used to differentiate every little aspect of what transgender is breaking the group into even smaller groups. To add to the confusion, people within the community and outside the community take a label and give it their own meaning. In addition, some people are offended by certain labels while others aren't. Just like our sexuality, it is all very confusing.

I take the term transgender in its broadest interpretation alike the one described in wikipedia. It is a person that transforms between genders. For sure, you can be transgender without surgeries.

TG caption: surrender

At what point do you realize this is your new life?


TG caption: afraid-to-choke-wish

We were just talking about phobias so here is an appropriate TG cap as a follow up.


TG caption: caught-in-the-act

What do you do during business trips?


Question: what is your phobia?

What scares me the most are ghosts. I can deal with just about anything else... demons, meh... zombies, woohoo... vampires, ok... spiders, tickle tickle... but ghosts. Oh no! I guess it is because you can't really do anything about them other than calling Ghostbusters. Yup, paranormal stories is what keeps me awake at night. Watching porn also keeps me up at night but for other reasons. On a funny note. I searched for "sexy ghosts" on the web and this is what comes up as the top results.


Question: super stretchy powers activate!

The best power ever! It will serve you good in any situation.

Question: What's the best outfit to make a boy give me a long hard spanking over his knee?

From my experience the best outfit is the one you wear for school. I think school officials really gave it a good thought when they designed the skirts. It easily rides up so they can reach your bottom for a good spanking when you are a bad girl. It is such a good design that at times they don't even need to bend you over at your knees. They can just tell you to pick up a pencil they drop or do it over the table. You should get your school girl uniform and give it a try. Go ahead, just pick something on the floor bending at your waist and you will know what I'm talking about.

TG caption: check-again-dee-too

I know this TG caption doesn't make much sense at all on its own but I made it and I wanted to post it for the people who will understand it. I'm too lazy to fill everyone in on the background and it is really of no consequence in the grand scheme of our lives.

TG caption: looks-bad-good

What TG captions do you keep on your rack?


Question: Should i become a girl?

It really depends. Do you want to be a strong guy with lots of muscles? Yeah, you will have to work out a lot. Or do you want to be a sexy girl that gets the strong guy with lots of muscles? Yeah, you still have to work out some. Do you want to be judged mainly by your looks? Yeah, it means you will have to be aware of what you wear most of the times and be fashionable. Do you want to sit down when you pee? Do you want to wear make up? Do you want to have lots of choices when it comes to what you wear? Do you want to be smooth and sexy? Do you want to be treated as a sex object? Do you want to have hot sexy lesbian sex?

Yes! Yes! Yes!


TG caption: i-wish-i-was-a-girl

This TG captions is so true. Hot girls have it so much easier in this tough economy.


TG caption: nye-party

In this TG caption I love the dialogue.


TG caption: spontaneous-transformation

What if one day you woke up as a female? It is known rare occurrence called spontaneous feminization. There is no cure for it. You are screwed.


TG caption: no-one-upstages-damien

This TG cap explains why there are so many drunk girls pics on the web.


TG caption: 4-inches-taller

The legs on this TG caption go forever and they are sooooo smooth, like a German highway to heaven!


TG caption: what girls want

In this TG caption, how will the night end?


TG caption: fuck-my-jeans

A TG cap about those sexy fitted jeans we all enjoy.


TG caption: good-vibrations

I made this TG cap for Dee at the Haven a long time ago.


TG caption: virtuality-to-reality

This is what happens when you trust someone else to cast your spells for you!


TG caption: not-as-easy-as-you-thought

In this TG cap, at least the girlfriend made him into a pretty goth girl. I'm sure he will have lots of dirty devil'ish sex!


TG caption: 10-gallons-of-cum

How many gallons can you drink?

Question: Devil?

I think the Devil is Manchester United! ;-) Just kidding. I don't favor any football teams, especially not English ones. Oh boy! A religious question. I think people are free to believe whatever they want but the whole heaven and hell thing raises lots of questions. For example, if you are a good girl/boy then you go to heaven and you want all your family and friends there because you love everyone, right? But what if one of your relatives or friends is a bad girl/boy and is sent to hell? Wouldn't that be impossible because your heaven would not be heaven without that person (no matter their faults) being there? That's a conundrum.


TG caption: a-new-young-lady

This TG cap was made for someone who wanted to be a daughter.


TG caption: bikini-summer

I think I may do as this TG caption and girl up for the whole summer!


TG caption: bikini-no-need

I guess in thie TG cap the only reason to go to the bikini beach again would be to upgrade the pass and get upgrades.


TG caption: school-aint-that-easy

A TG caption I made awhile ago about the pressures of school.


TG caption: milkshake

A fun little TG caption about... milkshakes!


TG caption: teleport-into-a-new-reality

This was a fun TG caption to make although I completely missed the mark. The person I traded this TG caption with said he didn't like crotch shoots. I completely misread his preferences. Oh well. The situation of the TG caption and the story blends well I think. It would be funny to find myself time travelling in a girl's body.


TG caption: enjoy-the-mall

TG cap on why you should be more appreciative of the quality time you spend with your girlfriend at the mall. I actually enjoy going to the mall to shop with my girlfriend. It lets me walk around the women section looking at all the sexy things without raising any suspicion.


Question: If you woke up tomorrow as a full fledged girl what would be the first thing that you would do? be realistic.

I gave some thought to this. The first thing after checking myself out very closely would be to go to bed, strip naked and masturbate. But I wouldn't masturbate like a guy, off course, I would do it as a girl. Very slowly start playing with my breasts and nipples and then spread my legs and slide my hand between my legs and go explore. Maybe just a little finger at first playing with the outside of my pussy and enjoying the feeling of wetness then rub my new nub up and down and let some feminine moans escape my mouth. Eventually I'd spread my legs wide and imagine a guy fucking me silly while I fucked myself with a finger... ok a couple of fingers... after I let the orgasm wash over myself I'd pause and do it again... and again... and again until I and the sheets were soaking wet.

I hope this was realistic enough. What would you do?

TG caption: better-get-make-up-right

TG caption about getting your make up right. It is super hard by the way.


TG caption: caught-dressing-up

A TG caption on how a little bit by little bit becomes a big little bit.