Question: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream flavor is the classic chocolate milky one. I do enjoy strawberry and pistachio too and really any ice cream flavor. But chocolate is like the old faithful, it always works to quench my urge for dark yummy milky ice cream. I think a good one is also not too hard, a little bit soft on the edges making it a little slimmey and goey but still very yummy. It makes it just so much easier than sucking on a hard stick. I enjoy that it melts in my mouth as I lick it and then goes right down my throat. At times though I like to enjoy it and just let it rest on my tongue and take it a little slower and easier. What is your favorite flavor and kind of... ice cream?

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  1. Chocolate for me too! But a good orange or lime sherbert are good too. But a yummy dark chocolate is always my favorite.