Question: I just watched my best friend get a sex change. It looked so bloody and gory that I am scared to get one my self. What do you think I should do?

You watched and it was gory? Pull up your girly pants and man up! Does it really matter that it is gory? Even if the operation was the equivalent of an all zombie attack on a nudist colony it would really not matter. You will be under anesthesia so you won't know what happened or feel anything. Now I suggest you bring another friend and make him sit there between your legs and watch them give you the full package. Don't be a pussy.


  1. Pretty much all operations are gory. Would you deny yourself a much needed heart surgery or appendectomy, just because you thought it looked gross? Of course not. So why would you deny yourself SRS?

  2. well being one who went though the "gory" op, fill you in on a secret, it hurt too.......... alot, but after time all healed and i have never been happier or no regrets. so if you want to do it, do it!