Question: I just took my ding and sort of imploded it into my body on a dare... now it's 3 weeks later and it's still stuck. what the heck do I do? PS. I am not really joking.

You took what and imploded where? How do you get to do what you did? An implosion means it exploded inside you which is hard to picture it. I'm not really a doctor. Ok, I am, just not a medical doctor. I got my doctorate degree at the same university that Dr. Dre got his, which qualifies me to help you in all sorts of doctoraty stuff thingies. Unfortunately without seeing I can't help you much. If you can send me a picture I'll evaluate you and post it on my blog so it helps future imploders.

[Edit 8/1/2011] Someone sent me a msg clarifying what implosion was: "Um, about the implosion guy, I think he means that he took it while it was liimp and collapsed it in on its self untill it went into him instead of out. I used to do it all the time when I was a guy, cause I thought it looked so cute." Thanks for the message but I still have a hard time imagining it. I wonder if I can find some pics.

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