Question: Anal or oral?

Do I have to pick? This questions lead me to write this little fantasy.

I'm in bed and he is teasing and tempting me running his hands over my bottom... racking his fingers down my back and sides... teasing my clit as he presses his manhood against my ass... getting me out of those sexy baby blue boyshorts that hug and accentuate my seductive feminine curves so well... and then shoving his hard cock into my wet tgirl pussy and just fucking me savagly... grunting in effort to drive deeper and faster into me as I moan in pleasure and push back into him... pulling my long silky hair back firmly to force me to pull my head up and arch my back so as to present my sweet ass to him better... as we near climax and I am reduced to pants and cries of "Yes! Yes! God, Yes!"... Then as he cums in a series of thick jets spasming out of his manhood I feel him filling me up and more... the excess leaking out around his throbbing cock and down the inside of my thigh,.. then pulling out of me and holding my firm, sexy ass as he watches his cum oozing out of me while I moan softly in a state of erotic bliss.

He wipes a thick strand off the tip of his manhood, and reaches around for me to suck eagerly at
his cum-flavored fingers.

Now I should write something about oral... oh wait. I think I've already done that.

PS. Thank you to the reader who sent me this gif. Very sexy.


  1. Maybe give everyone a heads up when you post a pic like that. It was a bit of a surprise when surfing the web while eating supper.

  2. Fair enough. Wait... you come to my blog while eating supper? :-)

  3. Not normally, but it was a rushed evening. :-) I love your site, btw. Very creative, and quite erotic.

    Thank you!


  4. I need to suck this ass