My friend's first time.

Last week I met online a super sexy lady. She is a he you see. A he like me. A special kind of he. A he that likes to dress like me. Not only like me, but sexier than me. He is more she than anyone I've met so far other than me. Ok, enough with rhymes. :-)

I'm always curious to hear other people's stories and experiences, specially if they are sexy. This lady has one sexy story which I wanted to share with you. This is her account of her first submission roleplay.

The first time I was tied up he tied my hands behind my back. He left me alone in my house for a little while. I walked around the house with my hands tied and suddenly I noticed my reflection in the mirror. I had never felt so sexy before and I was immediately turned on. I fell in love with being a submissive.

When my master came back and saw me walking around he got angry. He took me to the couch tied my feet really tight then my also tied my legs above my knees. I was wearing thigh high boots and now I could not take them off. Then he gagged me with a scarf and I picked me up and took me to my room. He tied me to a Chair, blindfolded me then began to fondle me violently. He turned off the lights, closed the door and left me alone and imprisoned for almost one hour.

[I asked her how did she feel]

In the beginning I was crazy with excitement. I enjoyed feeling the ropes on my body and I was excited to hear my moans. Then I started to feel a little nervous and scared wondering what would happen if he did not return or what if he came back with his friends and raped me.

So I managed to free my hands and began to untie myself almost in desperation. I quietly left my room but in trying to walk, the heels of my boots betrayed me and he heard me downstairs. I ran and hid but he found me and told me that he had something for me for being a bad girl.

First he dragged me back to the chair and tied me up again. I saw that he dropped his pants so I pressed my mouth tightly but he managed to force it inside me. He didn't rape me but he made me give him a blowjob for almost an eternity until he came on my face. He wiped my face with his fingers and made me swallow everything.

I stumbled to the bathroom when he let me go and gave me permission to go clean myself. I turned around and saw that I was a mess with left over cum all over my face and with mascara lines down my face from my tears. I looked like a victim of sexual abuse.

[I asked if she was excited]

Like never before. Even more so because he had not fucked me and I had not orgasmed. When he left and I was alone I masturbated. When I climaxed, my body shook in bed and my heart wanted to pop out of my chest.

This is her. Isn't she super sexy? This is one of my favorite pictures of her. So who wants to tie her next? If you enjoyed her story leave a comment!


  1. Wow, super sexy story. Plus, she looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, a very sexy story from a very good-looking girl. Please pass on thanks for letting you post it. <3 SSA P.S. She's cute but don't be so sure she's sexier than you, Sasha!

  3. She is very pretty and has a very sexy story!! I want to meet her in person!:P

  4. She did have such a sexy story. I have always wanted to meet a fellow t-girl and go out with her as a pair of girl friends.

  5. wow, excellent story and a beautiful looking lady!!!