Question: I just took my ding and sort of imploded it into my body on a dare... now it's 3 weeks later and it's still stuck. what the heck do I do? PS. I am not really joking.

You took what and imploded where? How do you get to do what you did? An implosion means it exploded inside you which is hard to picture it. I'm not really a doctor. Ok, I am, just not a medical doctor. I got my doctorate degree at the same university that Dr. Dre got his, which qualifies me to help you in all sorts of doctoraty stuff thingies. Unfortunately without seeing I can't help you much. If you can send me a picture I'll evaluate you and post it on my blog so it helps future imploders.

[Edit 8/1/2011] Someone sent me a msg clarifying what implosion was: "Um, about the implosion guy, I think he means that he took it while it was liimp and collapsed it in on its self untill it went into him instead of out. I used to do it all the time when I was a guy, cause I thought it looked so cute." Thanks for the message but I still have a hard time imagining it. I wonder if I can find some pics.

TG caption: mix-martial-arts-and-crafts

A TG caption about being good at what you used to be in your new soft and curvy body. Not reallly, things are certainly different. But I'm sure she will be good in lots of new positions.


Question: Succubus?

One of these show up in my dreams all the time or I usually turn into one. This is a good Halloween idea but a bit complicated on how to pull it off. It would be easier to just go as a slut. It's pretty much the same, right? I'll have to ask my slutty friends, you know who you are.


Question: Hermaphrodite?

I have not used any hermaphrodite pics or made TG captions on this subject which it is a shame. I think it would be super cool to be one. The best of both worlds for sure. And, who knows... you might end up being a super star like the most famous herma of all times.

Question: I just watched my best friend get a sex change. It looked so bloody and gory that I am scared to get one my self. What do you think I should do?

You watched and it was gory? Pull up your girly pants and man up! Does it really matter that it is gory? Even if the operation was the equivalent of an all zombie attack on a nudist colony it would really not matter. You will be under anesthesia so you won't know what happened or feel anything. Now I suggest you bring another friend and make him sit there between your legs and watch them give you the full package. Don't be a pussy.

Question: Where can I find the answers to these questions?

I have a few answers but I think the best person to really find the answer to these questions whatever they may be is to contact this guy, Chuck Norris. I hear he can solve all your problems.

TG caption: bikini-no-lotion

The sun rises and goes down on TG captions making everyone hot. What it would be to be there and enjoy everything that it could bring is something we do not know. What clothes to wear? What bikini to wear? Where to shop? In a TG captions things like this and thoughts like that are always present.


TG caption: bikini-too-big

Wouldn't you girls love to have this kind of problem? This is a TG caption with a different kind of spin on bikini beach.


TG caption: all-consensual-sorta

Things never seem to quite workout in TG captions.


TG caption: happy-bday-bren

A very old TG cap that I made for Bren at the Haven. I can't believe it has been a couple of years now since she first invited me to join the Haven to trade captions. At the time I had no idea what she was talking about so it took me a couple of months before I joined in. How time flies.


TG caption: the-price-of-victory

A TG caption that shows that sometimes when you win... you win.


TG caption: great-shift-slut

There is nothing better than finding yourself in a new body with new urges.


TG caption: different-kind-of-animal

A TG caption about what kind of animal you are.


TG caption: goth-not-bimbo

Reading this TG cap again I'm thinking that she could make a pretty cute goth girl too with a few make up changes. There are blonde goth girls too!


TG caption: ihop-territory-wars

A silly TG caption I made some time ago.


TG caption: lets-get-laid

Wouldn't it be fun to go out like this TG caption?


TG caption: beer-fraulin

Don't do drugs! Stay in school!


TG caption: new-employment-training

Just like this TG cap, sometimes I don't recognize myself in the mirror.


TG caption: out-of-the-mau

Where can I find a machine like the one in this TG cap?



TG caption: bikini-no-lotion

Everyone is so helpful in this tg cap.


TG caption: babysit-to-friend

A TG caption about why you should try your girlfriend's clothes.


TG caption: open-window

In this TG caption we explore the difficulties of time travel.


My friend's first time.

Last week I met online a super sexy lady. She is a he you see. A he like me. A special kind of he. A he that likes to dress like me. Not only like me, but sexier than me. He is more she than anyone I've met so far other than me. Ok, enough with rhymes. :-)

I'm always curious to hear other people's stories and experiences, specially if they are sexy. This lady has one sexy story which I wanted to share with you. This is her account of her first submission roleplay.

The first time I was tied up he tied my hands behind my back. He left me alone in my house for a little while. I walked around the house with my hands tied and suddenly I noticed my reflection in the mirror. I had never felt so sexy before and I was immediately turned on. I fell in love with being a submissive.

When my master came back and saw me walking around he got angry. He took me to the couch tied my feet really tight then my also tied my legs above my knees. I was wearing thigh high boots and now I could not take them off. Then he gagged me with a scarf and I picked me up and took me to my room. He tied me to a Chair, blindfolded me then began to fondle me violently. He turned off the lights, closed the door and left me alone and imprisoned for almost one hour.

[I asked her how did she feel]

In the beginning I was crazy with excitement. I enjoyed feeling the ropes on my body and I was excited to hear my moans. Then I started to feel a little nervous and scared wondering what would happen if he did not return or what if he came back with his friends and raped me.

So I managed to free my hands and began to untie myself almost in desperation. I quietly left my room but in trying to walk, the heels of my boots betrayed me and he heard me downstairs. I ran and hid but he found me and told me that he had something for me for being a bad girl.

First he dragged me back to the chair and tied me up again. I saw that he dropped his pants so I pressed my mouth tightly but he managed to force it inside me. He didn't rape me but he made me give him a blowjob for almost an eternity until he came on my face. He wiped my face with his fingers and made me swallow everything.

I stumbled to the bathroom when he let me go and gave me permission to go clean myself. I turned around and saw that I was a mess with left over cum all over my face and with mascara lines down my face from my tears. I looked like a victim of sexual abuse.

[I asked if she was excited]

Like never before. Even more so because he had not fucked me and I had not orgasmed. When he left and I was alone I masturbated. When I climaxed, my body shook in bed and my heart wanted to pop out of my chest.

This is her. Isn't she super sexy? This is one of my favorite pictures of her. So who wants to tie her next? If you enjoyed her story leave a comment!

TG caption: respect martial arts

Fight! Who wants to take her on?



TG caption: walk-in-the-woods

It is dangerous to go for a walk on the woods by yourself or even with a buddy.


TG caption: too-perfect-a-disguise

Here is a little more tame TG caption to recover from the shock of the last post.


Question: Anal or oral?

Do I have to pick? This questions lead me to write this little fantasy.

I'm in bed and he is teasing and tempting me running his hands over my bottom... racking his fingers down my back and sides... teasing my clit as he presses his manhood against my ass... getting me out of those sexy baby blue boyshorts that hug and accentuate my seductive feminine curves so well... and then shoving his hard cock into my wet tgirl pussy and just fucking me savagly... grunting in effort to drive deeper and faster into me as I moan in pleasure and push back into him... pulling my long silky hair back firmly to force me to pull my head up and arch my back so as to present my sweet ass to him better... as we near climax and I am reduced to pants and cries of "Yes! Yes! God, Yes!"... Then as he cums in a series of thick jets spasming out of his manhood I feel him filling me up and more... the excess leaking out around his throbbing cock and down the inside of my thigh,.. then pulling out of me and holding my firm, sexy ass as he watches his cum oozing out of me while I moan softly in a state of erotic bliss.

He wipes a thick strand off the tip of his manhood, and reaches around for me to suck eagerly at
his cum-flavored fingers.

Now I should write something about oral... oh wait. I think I've already done that.

PS. Thank you to the reader who sent me this gif. Very sexy.

Question: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream flavor is the classic chocolate milky one. I do enjoy strawberry and pistachio too and really any ice cream flavor. But chocolate is like the old faithful, it always works to quench my urge for dark yummy milky ice cream. I think a good one is also not too hard, a little bit soft on the edges making it a little slimmey and goey but still very yummy. It makes it just so much easier than sucking on a hard stick. I enjoy that it melts in my mouth as I lick it and then goes right down my throat. At times though I like to enjoy it and just let it rest on my tongue and take it a little slower and easier. What is your favorite flavor and kind of... ice cream?

TG caption: damaged-bodysuit

You have to be careful with the bodysuit. You may want to be handled roughly but the suit can only taker so much. So... pick your size wisely!


Question: Do you swallow cum often?

No, but maybe I should. The thought of swallowing cum comes to me when I'm dressed and highly aroused. looking at some nice pictures or videos of girls sucking and having their lips wrapped around a nice hard cock always makes me lick my cherry coated lips. At those times, I find that my mind starts wandering about all the things I'd do if I had someone pumping in and out of my mouth... the feeling of his cock tensing up and eventually blowing his load in my mouth. It is in that moment that I find my hand wandering up to my mouth...

Question: Is this a stupid question?

Here is my answer...

Now, go clean your face before you ask another question! No wonder you ask such silly questions looking like that.

TG caption: ride-the-disco-stick

What a lovely position to be in this TG caption.


TG caption: exhilaration-to-desperation

In this TG caption I played a little bit in creating a snap shot of each moment. How would react if your plan worked out, then what?


TG caption: carnaval-luxury-package

Happy 4th of July! I wish we could party like Brazil's Carnaval!


TG caption: implants-bad-idea

It would be nice to have that nice valley between my chest like this TG caption.


TG caption: play-dress-up-brother

I'd love to play dress up like this TG caption.


TG caption: shifted-reality

This TG caption shows the unpredictability and fun of body jumping.