TG caption: drink-from-strangers

This TG caption shows why guys should be careful when accepting drinks from strangers.


  1. She is going to find herself in a vulnerable position when she finds herself in another man's home.

    Will she grab the female clothing by her feet as she tries to make a hasty retreat, or will she ask to borrow male clothing for her male host?

    What kind of deposit will he ask for the use of those male cloths, and what will she have to do for the antidote?

  2. She will panic then try the male clothes that won't fit at all. Resigned to wear the female clothes she will wander to her house and call a male friend. He will pretend to help her but in reality he was the one that changed her.

  3. The male friend will ask to see how real the changes are. She will strip down to the bra and tiny panties she had no option but to wear. He will say he still can't tell exactly what the solution will be. A shot of testosterone maybe, depending how much physical change has taken place, are his nipples totally changed or could he pass as having swollen male breasts? Hesitantly, she unclips her bra and tries to fight the new urge to cover her breasts with her hands. It's stupid, they are not really her breasts, she has just been stuck with them temporarily. The friend comes closer. He bends in to look intently at her nipples. They are clearly 100% feminine. Beautiful dark aerole surrounding an inviting muscular nub. He moves in further, his head now almost level with her left breast. Increadibly, he sees the nipple stiffen literally before his eyes. Let me just check something, he says, as he opens his mouth and slides the wonderful female hardness onto his tongue whilst grabbing her backside and holding her firmly in place. She wriggles ineffectively trying to get away but this just has the effect of making her right breast sway slightly, brushing his cheek as he flicks his tongue across her nipple. His other hand pulls at the top of her panties and she realises she is about to live out her dream again in a way she will remember this time...