TG caption: club spy gf

This is the perfect disguise to check if your girlfriend is cheating on you with all those horny guys at the club.


  1. I think his girlfriend is gonna have to worry more about him cheating on her at this rate...

    Great work!

  2. this would make a great series premise.

  3. Same Premise from the Wand of Change on youtube, but still a great idea.

    What happens when she gets drunk, will she let slip that she is spying on her girlfriend? Will her girlfriend find out and the two have a girl-fight in the bar? What does it mean if her girlfriend is able to over power her now 105lb frame?

    Will her girlfriend force her to admit that she is a girly girl?

    What happens if her girlfriend takes the second part of formula XYX and becomes the man in the relationship?

    Will she be able to afford another formula XYX to return to her male body? What if with the declining birth rates world wide, the government only allows males to purchase formula XYX and females are unable to buy it? Will she be able to convince her now boyfriend to buy the formula for her? Or will she forever remain the untrusting girlfriend in their relationship?

  4. You pose complicated questions that would make for a long story. In the end, I think she'd end up stuck as a girl and deal with the consequences. I'm sure she would struggle in accepting her new role as the girlfriend in a lesbian relationship or even as the girlfriend of some stud that would make sure she spreads her legs every night. Either way, she'd find herself in a new position.

  5. Oh sorry, I meant those questions to be rhetorical in nature, something to enhance the story you already told so well. At the very most they were questions to inspire you, if you were to turn this into a series premise like anonymous suggested. I didn't intend for you to feel compelled to answer these questions.

  6. Crusoe, no need to be sorry. I welcome the interaction with my readers. I'm happy that the TG captions inspired you to ask questions and you took the time to write them. Thanks!