TG caption: worm-rider

This TG caption was inspired by Dune. I wonder how big those worms are.


Question: TSA's Full body scan or invasive pat down?

Interesting how some questions just coincide on what happens in real life. I was just the other day flying back from a business trip and we were given a choice. They asked me which one I wanted and since I read about how the so called private TSA body scan left little to privacy I chose the old fashion pat down.

The officers did not think it was funny and asked me to go to a private room where they could better search my cavities. Cavities?! I told them I changed my mind that I wanted the scan but they said it was too late. Soon I was commanded to strip down and to sit on a table where I spent the most humiliating 10 minutes of my life. They searched everywhere and I do mean everywhere as if I was trying to smuggle camel toes or something. Next time, I'll choose the scan, so what if pictures of me end up on the internet?

Question: Do you have any young tg caps for boys going through puberty as girls? Thx Lita

I tend to do TG captions that interest me.  Sorry but that sort of theme doesn't really appeal to me. I enjoy more  the adult fantasy and sexual discovery of the female body. To me, I enjoy a lot of sexuality in the TG captions so to fit a story where young a young boy discovers himself would require use pubescent pictures and those do not have any appeal to me. I like them hot and sexy or I walk away.

PS. Don't smoke. Stay in school.

TG caption: i-can-still-play

I'm sure he can still play. It just won't be for the same team.


Question: adam's apple?

Where? I'm kinda hungry so a nice juicy apple would be great. I guess whoever asked about an apple meant the other kind of apple. Adam's apple is a funny thing. They do come in different sizes and shapes. Does size matter? Probably not. Even some girls have prominent weird shaped throats that could be mistaken for an adam's apple. The best thing to do is to shave it off like a prom dress or wear turtle necks. Ok, maybe not turtle necks.

Can you tell who's a boy/girl?

TG caption: my-new-name-is-megan.jpg

This TG caption was a collaborative work between myself and Jennifer as part of a contest to name someone at the Rachels Haven. Notice the "Megan" tattoo? That's what happens when you get transformed by magic, some spells will brand your new name on your creamy white skin.


TG caption: halloween-corset

When I'm making TG caption, Halloween is always just around the corner!


TG caption: girly

Wouldn't you love to be like this TG caption, petite, cute and with perky breasts?


TG caption: in-her-panties

This TG caption shows how patience is a virtue otherwise you might end up wearing the panties.


TG caption: what-she-most-desired

The girl in this TG caption is one of the most beautiful I have seen so far. So... who wants to be what I most desire?


TG caption: genie-boobs-pussy

Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it in a TG caption.


TG caption: show a good time bday

A special TG caption wishing happy birthday to a special reader. The things I go through to make sure my friends have fun! It's a hard job but someone has to do it.

TG caption: bigger-than-expected

This TG caption illustrates that size matters. Ok, and shape and perkiness and just about everything matters.


TG caption: funding

Would you have as much fun-ding if you were in this TG caption?


TG caption: for-free-drinks

What would you do for free drinks? Would you go as far as this TG caption?


TG caption: exit car

What will you do tonight? Party time? Make sure you don't flash anyone.


TG caption: drink-from-strangers

This TG caption shows why guys should be careful when accepting drinks from strangers.


TG caption: more than physical changes

TG captions? New one? Yup! Do I still have it? Enjoy.


TG caption: you-are-not-my-wife

I just love those tricky wives in TG captions.


Question: sex change?

Took me some time decide on how to answer this question. I thought that I'd share this video that I found of Kim Petras. If everyone that transitioned looked this good and had a good support system then would the question to do it be easier?

TG caption: disguise halloween

Isn't it everyday a good day to be Halloween?


TG caption: help-pay-debt

Truly devious TG caption to make someone help you pay them money you owe them back.


TG caption: cucumber

In this TG caption, at least she will always have a hard on in her panties.


TG caption: couch-crash

The girl in this TG caption has a nearly perfect ass. What I wouldn't give to have one like that.


TG caption: cheese-cheater

This is a fun TG caption that I made some time ago. If you are going to cheat on me, be careful. I'd probably notice something different on you.


TG caption: cooking

The best thing about a TG caption meal is the sexy dessert and midnight snack.


TG comic: one-day-spa

In this TG caption I show you how easy it is to change first impressions.


TG caption: stay-for-the-summer

I love the beach. I guess it is the idea of showing off my work in progress feminine body. Scary!


TG caption: club spy gf

This is the perfect disguise to check if your girlfriend is cheating on you with all those horny guys at the club.


TG caption: club girls night

Wouldn't it be fun to go clubbing as a girl?

Dreaming of...

...having my tgirl pussy filled. I don't know why but I have been looking at a few anal sex today and it has turned me on immensely. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have my tgirl pussy filled.

I'm going to bed now thinking of this girl and what it would be like to be her and at the end how satisfying it would be to know my man filled me with his jizz so much that it drips down my legs...


TG comic: needed a bra

Just like this TG caption teaches us, never leave home without a bra ladies!


Question: Will you ever finish the Team Member comic?

Ever... is a long time. I'm sure I'll finish it one day since I hate leaving unfinished stories. I just don't know when but don't for a second think I have quit. That comic is my nemesis and sometimes it makes me cry to think that I left it unfinished.

I think I can... I think I can.. I think I can...

Question: Hello please make a comment to my blog it will be great...!

Your blog is awesome. It was full of TG captions and with each page I honestly saw unicorns and shiny sprinkles coming out of the computer. I have no idea how you did it but it is great. Now, what was your blog address again cuz that would help bunches! ;-) My magical powers can only go so far and although I have surfed about 69% of all the TG stuff on the web I really can't read your mind and know which one is your blog if you don't tell me.

TG caption: buy me clothes

I wouldn't be embarrassed if I found myself in this TG caption situation. She could just wrap herself on a towel making sure she covered all her assets and then go shopping.


TG caption: flamengo club house

I made this TG caption for someone from Brazil. It plays off the rivalry between two Brazilian football/soccer teams.