TG caption: borrow clothes

A lot of girls do not like tan lines but I on the other hand think they can be sexy. I guess it is because it tells the world you're a woman and you spent hours wearing a sexy bikini. Wear those lines proudly!


  1. You're right. Very sexy. And nice tan, too, Sasha. :-)

  2. I thought in the Bikini Beach universe your reality is warped so it is like you had always been a female. So wouldn't Jerry have his own clothes female cloths? Also I thought only people who knew about you buying your membership, or bought your membership for you would notice the change.

    She is a sexy model, so maybe something like sharing the clothes instead of borrowing clothes. You could even say that he borrowed her (yet to be redeemed) pass to bikini beach, and allowing his wife to have recognition of the change. You could then say can 'I borrow a top' after borrowing your pass?

    Jerry's wife could choose how she will react to this incursion by having control on the length of the pass because she was the original owner.

    (I didn't think I had a bondage / domination thing, but it seems to have come out here).

  3. I don't think there are set rules on the Bikini Beach Universe. The only premise is that you go to the beach and you change when you take a shower. There also seems to be an old woman that runs the beach but she might just be the manager of that particular location. ;-)

    The stories that I read on Bikini Beach have been where the reality is changed and others where the reality hasn't changed, which leaves the changed person at an even greater loss of control. Without money or ID, she is then left at the mercy of an evil friend, wife, girlfriend, etc.