TG caption: bikini-beach-yellow-skirt

This girl's body is so hot. I love the perky hotness not to mention her colorful pink bikini and yellow mini skirt set. Perfect material for a TG caption.


  1. Now instead of him checking out girls, guys will be checking her out... nice caption :)

  2. Great caption, as has been mentioned before the turnabout is wonderful.

    What is great is the context of the Bikini Beach universe. Only John and his friend Eric will remember the original John. When he comes home his parents will see her fuming about how Eric treated her, and they might dismiss it as a lover's tiff. How will she react when her parents tell her not to be to hard on her boyfriend, Eric?

    John may have gotten a present to bikini beach from Eric, but when she shows up on Eric's doorstep wrapped in that short yellow wrapping paper, it might be Eric who will be getting a present. He will only have to wear her defenses down over the next week to get her to unwrap herself for him. If that doesn't work, he was the one who purchased the pass to bikini beach, so he can always extend it before it runs out. That might be another incentive for her to play nice.

  3. I'm sure that with a body like that Eric will soon feel new urges invade her mind and it won't be soon that she'll drop down the skirt for John.