Question: Would you create some captions where the male is turned into a super horny adult baby girl going from Mike to Michelle please?

Mike, I'm really not into the baby fantasy. Since I only make captions of the things that interest me (I know... real selfish of me) unfortunately I won't make a TG caption for that topic. It just isn't my thing. But, here's a quick pic for you because I'm nice. Enjoy your new life Michelle.


  1. I ought to do that sometime - as such transformations do interest me; but I'm kind of shy about going that far out on a limb. I did one though --> http://bettyscaptions.blogspot.com/2010/11/governess.html

  2. Betty, your work is pretty good and I'm glad there are people, like you, that are willing to make TG captions that appeals to other tastes. Diversity and acceptance is good.