Question: Will you want to be an emo girl?

I really don't know much about the emo lifestyle. I know their fashion and what the looks is and I think it is quite attractive. I'm one to experiment so I'd definitely dress up and play the part one day. I think it might be a good look to experiment too because it would be easier to disguise behind all the big puffy hair and dark make up. Oh wait, was that the 80's? ;-) As for the deeper psychological part of being emo that would be more difficult to be. It is a state of mind and like a good actress it would take some time to shift into that mindset and act that way.


I would like to be her.It would be fun to wear a bow like that on my head and hang out at home with just shorts and a simple tube top. Of course, I'd also have to wear the pearl necklace. It's all about the accessories. Would you come visit me and play with my pussy cat doll?

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