Question: Where is that caption...

Where is that Jim Bean Girl Comic you did with the nanite skin and chemical pool?

There was two bodysuit captions you made shortly before your site shut down. Could we see those?

What happened to all the old stories. And I love your tg body suit stories can't wait to read more.

When you ask questions like these it always makes it hard for me to give you a straight answer. I do try to get right down to business and dig deep to find what you asked for. Most of the times I just end up bend over the desk looking as closely as possible but it is always so hard. At least it feels hard all the time. The job at hand is never easy and I normally end up out of breath from all the work. I know you probably just think I sit here and run some searches but I really don't. My brain works really hard and you know that always hurts a bit, especially at first when i'm not all warmed up.

I do not know of any Jim Bean Girl and chemical pool. Sorry. I don't know which bodysuit captions you refer to because the files in my computer are not in order by date nor did I post by date. Sorry. If by stories, you mean TG captions, they are slowly being reposted on this blog. I do too love bodysuits! Sorry. Oops, I mean cool!


  1. Howdy! You're still making awesome caps, BTW.

    I think the first request is referring to your fantastic epic "Spy Games" series.

    The second may be the single caps "Caught in the Act" or "Damaged Bodysuit". Or it may be reference to your amazing "Team Member" series.

    Hope that maybe helps. Have a great weekend!

  2. Steve messenger.May 29, 2011 at 8:06 PM

    Im looking for a comic you did involving a body suit and the opening was a bunch of guys playing cards and the loser had to get and put on a body suit its not on here and would very much like to re read it. please put it back :(?

  3. You are talking about Team Member. My nemesis when it comes to unfinished caption. http://www.tgcomix.com/2008/09/tg-comic-team-member.html