Question: What did you dream about last night?

I usually do not remember my dreams but I can tell you that lately I've been having some weird dreams.

I've been dreaming more often than not that I go to sleep and then wake up a girl, it happens more often if I do something particularly feminine that evening like wear some make up or do my nails. The dreams are quite intense, sometime in the night my body changes and shapes into of a curvaceous girl. I toss and tumble under the sheets as the changes progress. My body fat rearranges into all the places it needed to be. I wake up feeling my long cascading hair brush the curvature of my back. Sitting up on the bed I know my hips are wider and my hips are thinner.

I can also feel the weight on my chest. How can I not. It is there in plain sight for me and anyone to see. I'm ecstatic at first then scared. I think I've been fantasizing too much about being a girl that it finally happened and now that it did. What should I do? My body right now is already somewhat passable but now I turned in a babe. This is something completely different and alien. My mind reels as I feel the flat mound of flesh between my legs but at other times, in the dream, my tgirl clit is still there nested between my legs. I cross my legs feeling their smoothness hiding whatever is between them.

I decide I cannot stay all day in bed so I get up and dress up with anything I can find. Oddly enough the first things my hand reaches for are the clothes that show off my new curves. I pause for a second then think why the hell not?

I know it's all a dream...


  1. Thats pretty hot. I love how you acknowledge that you look passable. I want to see more of you!!! Why don't you post more of your hot little pictures?

  2. Tina, I've been very busy lately and with limited internet access. But do not despair, I have not called it quits yet.