Question: school?

This question reminds me of Pink's song Raise Your Glass:

So if you're too school for cool (I mean...)
And you're treated like a fool (treated like a fool)
You could choose to let it go
We can always, we can always
party on our own...

I'm sure that next semester when I go to school I'll get one of these uniforms. I can see the principal calling me to his office and berrating again how long my hair is and that only girls are allowed to have long hair. He'll ask me to cut it which I'll refuse. Then he'll tell me that if I insist in having a girl's hair then I have to wear a girl's uniform.

I'm sure it will be weird at first going to class dressed up and having all the boys stare at me. Good thing I have kept my legs shaved and smooth with lots of daily lotion for extra silkiness. You see, I have no choice but to only wear skirts next semester. I hope it's not a chilly Autumn.

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