TG caption: conference

When you look down, what do you see?


TG caption: burger-girl

Anyone want some BBQ? Sausages? Yummy!


TG caption: clan-death-walker-gaijin

Question: Sasha do you think you could make a cap or comic based on latex as the material for the TG?

Here is a little bit of latex to wet your appetite.


TG comic: femininity to womanhood

Question 1: I always enjoyed your possession-tagged captions. Could you please make another, when you get a second. Thank you and keep up the great work, Sasha!

Question 2: I would love to see some caps with bimbos and hoes.

Does this post answer these questions/requests? I know I'm super lazy ;-) Sorry for the super delay in answering these questions. Requests for captions always take a long time for me to answer.


TG caption: borrow clothes

A lot of girls do not like tan lines but I on the other hand think they can be sexy. I guess it is because it tells the world you're a woman and you spent hours wearing a sexy bikini. Wear those lines proudly!


TG comic: exclusive party

I just love those exclusive parties. They are always so much fun.


TG caption: ditzy blonde

It's fun to be blonde and a bimbo with no worries in the world like this TG caption.


TG caption: sunset-plant

This was a TG caption I made for Steffie who is a very silly girl and likes silly captions.


Question: What did you dream about last night?

I usually do not remember my dreams but I can tell you that lately I've been having some weird dreams.

I've been dreaming more often than not that I go to sleep and then wake up a girl, it happens more often if I do something particularly feminine that evening like wear some make up or do my nails. The dreams are quite intense, sometime in the night my body changes and shapes into of a curvaceous girl. I toss and tumble under the sheets as the changes progress. My body fat rearranges into all the places it needed to be. I wake up feeling my long cascading hair brush the curvature of my back. Sitting up on the bed I know my hips are wider and my hips are thinner.

I can also feel the weight on my chest. How can I not. It is there in plain sight for me and anyone to see. I'm ecstatic at first then scared. I think I've been fantasizing too much about being a girl that it finally happened and now that it did. What should I do? My body right now is already somewhat passable but now I turned in a babe. This is something completely different and alien. My mind reels as I feel the flat mound of flesh between my legs but at other times, in the dream, my tgirl clit is still there nested between my legs. I cross my legs feeling their smoothness hiding whatever is between them.

I decide I cannot stay all day in bed so I get up and dress up with anything I can find. Oddly enough the first things my hand reaches for are the clothes that show off my new curves. I pause for a second then think why the hell not?

I know it's all a dream...

Question: Would you create some captions where the male is turned into a super horny adult baby girl going from Mike to Michelle please?

Mike, I'm really not into the baby fantasy. Since I only make captions of the things that interest me (I know... real selfish of me) unfortunately I won't make a TG caption for that topic. It just isn't my thing. But, here's a quick pic for you because I'm nice. Enjoy your new life Michelle.

TG caption: bikini-beach-yellow-skirt

This girl's body is so hot. I love the perky hotness not to mention her colorful pink bikini and yellow mini skirt set. Perfect material for a TG caption.


TG caption: bikini-beach-choice

It's beach weather at the TG bikini beach!


Question: Best way to make money?

You would think that the best way to make money would be to become a hot girl and then just go sell yourself to the highest bidder. That's a good guess but you would earn money and not really make it. The absolutely best and only way to make money is to work for the the US Congress.

"The Constitution of the United States of America provides that the United States Congress shall have the power "To coin Money". Wikipedia.

It makes sense since politicians always seem to be rich. I know the truth is disappointing to all your girls out there. Making money is not as fun as we all thought it would be.

TG caption: cock-urge

I just had to make a TG caption out of this picture. It is one of the sexiest hottest pictures I have ever found on the internet. I just love the perkiness of her breasts and the way she is posing. For a time I even used it as my avatar. Love it!


Question: Where is that caption...

Where is that Jim Bean Girl Comic you did with the nanite skin and chemical pool?

There was two bodysuit captions you made shortly before your site shut down. Could we see those?

What happened to all the old stories. And I love your tg body suit stories can't wait to read more.

When you ask questions like these it always makes it hard for me to give you a straight answer. I do try to get right down to business and dig deep to find what you asked for. Most of the times I just end up bend over the desk looking as closely as possible but it is always so hard. At least it feels hard all the time. The job at hand is never easy and I normally end up out of breath from all the work. I know you probably just think I sit here and run some searches but I really don't. My brain works really hard and you know that always hurts a bit, especially at first when i'm not all warmed up.

I do not know of any Jim Bean Girl and chemical pool. Sorry. I don't know which bodysuit captions you refer to because the files in my computer are not in order by date nor did I post by date. Sorry. If by stories, you mean TG captions, they are slowly being reposted on this blog. I do too love bodysuits! Sorry. Oops, I mean cool!

Question: mom

This was an easy question. It was just momther's day too! A salute to all the mothers. We wish all mothers were MILFs except for ours, right? If you were a mother though, wouldn't you want to be a MILF? You'd have young, older, and guys your age lusting after your hot body. To be a MILF is to be hot and sexy. There's no shame in it. Embrace your MILFiness.

TG caption: thumb-sucker

Would you suck as far as this TG caption?


TG caption: bodysuit-what-to-wear

If I had a body suit I think I'd wear super slutty and then eventually dress up a little more casual. Nah! Who am I kidding?! Maybe not slutty but sexy all the time!


TG caption: kristi-drunken-blow

Today I woke up and had this incredible urge to suck on something. It must be my girly hormones kicking in.

TG caption: breast-man

What kind of man are you? A breast or butt? Would your preference change if you were a girl?


TG caption: spread-them

Sometimes you do not want to find out how the other side lives. Then again, maybe you do.


TG caption: body-suit-restroom

Oh the things I would do it I had a bodysuit like exploring the forbidden rooms - girl's restrooms! Would there be couches and a concierge there?


TG caption: serving-tea

The domestic aspect of this TG caption is so sexy.


TG caption: extra-credit

Graduating from high school is important even in TG caption. Make sure you do everything you can to get a good education.


TG caption: body-pool

What I wouldn't give to look like that when I play pool. I bet I could win a lot of games by distracting my opponent.


TG comic: city-of-stars

If you are trying to find a job in this tough economy, perhaps a body suit is the ideal solution. Just remember to read the package label and instruction manual.


Question: Can you feminize me up to the whole nines?

I could but are you worth it? Would you do as told? Would you be a little obedient sissy? Would it be worth my time and effort? My time is precious and so are yours so think how serious you are about doing it. Convince me.

TG caption: It's your turn

When is it my turn? I love the angle of the picture in this TG caption. I guess I have a thing for nice perky cleavages.


Question: school?

This question reminds me of Pink's song Raise Your Glass:

So if you're too school for cool (I mean...)
And you're treated like a fool (treated like a fool)
You could choose to let it go
We can always, we can always
party on our own...

I'm sure that next semester when I go to school I'll get one of these uniforms. I can see the principal calling me to his office and berrating again how long my hair is and that only girls are allowed to have long hair. He'll ask me to cut it which I'll refuse. Then he'll tell me that if I insist in having a girl's hair then I have to wear a girl's uniform.

I'm sure it will be weird at first going to class dressed up and having all the boys stare at me. Good thing I have kept my legs shaved and smooth with lots of daily lotion for extra silkiness. You see, I have no choice but to only wear skirts next semester. I hope it's not a chilly Autumn.

TG caption: beer-run

If all beer runs were like this TG caption, I'd volunteer every night.


Question: With warm weather coming, have you considered doing swimsuit photo shot? Obviously would include high heels and strategic sarong of course.

As a matter of fact I was contacted by Ford for a photo shoot this coming. I thought that Ford only made cars but apparently they are also in the photo business. I'll certainly take some swimsuit photos this coming summer. I really couldn't pass it with the lovely weather and all. Heels and sarong? Great ideas but does that also come with a swimming pool and a pool boy? Do you really thing I need a sarong? Maybe someone can buy me a summer pass for the bikini beach. Just one season please!

Please someone send me a reminder sometime in July? I'd love to be Miss July.

Question: Trying to find your tg captions links but all I see at the top of your page is home and tg comics.

I know it is really hard to read through a few of my posts. I mean, there are all these pictures of men turned into hot women. I presume you are looking for the gallery or something where it shows only the TG captions? The short answer is that there isn't a gallery. This must be the most asked question and answered. I know this is partially my fault. I should go back to all my posts and edit to remove any mention of a gallery. Ugh, work!

Edit: I just searched through all the posts and removed all mentions of the old gallery. There weren't as many as I thought but somehow those were the posts people read. Funny.

TG caption: i love dick.

This TG caption tickles my funny bone.


Question: What is personal perfect size for a cock?

I think that size matters! I fantasize of a long hard juicy one but from experience. No, not that kind of experience. The kind of experience from talking to girls and Lauren. The consensus is really that the perfect size is one that fits. There are indeed really large ones out there that I honestly it would scare me to let them near me. I think that the average size is 5 inches so I'd go for something between 5 and 8 inches. I'm sure that I can imagine myself worshiping a 9 inch pole on my knees or to feel it nested between my ass cheeks. It gives me thrills just writing about it. It's the magic of fantasizing I guess. In addition, there are so many other aspects to consider like girth, hardness, bumps, angle, etc...

Fantasy aside, I do think that how you wield your weapon is really what matters. Tell me, how do you wield yours?

Question: I absolutely love your captions and comics...

and I keep seeing references to "the gallery," however I'm computer stupid and cannot for the life of me figure out how to access it. Can you post a link or something. Thank you.

Thank you very much for reading my blog. No, you are not stupid. This question has been asked before but who has the time to sift through hundreds of answers? The reason you cannot find the "gallery" is because there isn't one. This blog has gone through some changes and different webhosts throughout the years so the old posts refer to an old gallery that no longer exists. Now the only way to access the TG captions is in blog form.

TG caption: bikini-boys

In this TG caption, which one would you rather be? Does it really matter? Tan lines or no tan lines? I think tan lines are a little bit fun. It shows off how tiny your bikini is.


Question: Will you want to be an emo girl?

I really don't know much about the emo lifestyle. I know their fashion and what the looks is and I think it is quite attractive. I'm one to experiment so I'd definitely dress up and play the part one day. I think it might be a good look to experiment too because it would be easier to disguise behind all the big puffy hair and dark make up. Oh wait, was that the 80's? ;-) As for the deeper psychological part of being emo that would be more difficult to be. It is a state of mind and like a good actress it would take some time to shift into that mindset and act that way.


I would like to be her.It would be fun to wear a bow like that on my head and hang out at home with just shorts and a simple tube top. Of course, I'd also have to wear the pearl necklace. It's all about the accessories. Would you come visit me and play with my pussy cat doll?

TG caption: white-heels

This is a simple TG caption using a picture that I just love. I don't know what exactly it is about it. I really think the pose with the shaved legs and white heels looks sexy. Time to shop?


TG caption: bodysuit-limits

Not all bodysuits are the same. When you shop around make sure you get one from a reputable brand and not just a W-mart one. I wouldn't want your experiences to be limited.


TG caption: where-bikini-beach

Sometimes TG captions don't need to tbe the same old sexy thing. This one tickles my funny bone.


TG caption: crossdress-caught

This is what happens when you get caught.