Question: Do you ever have dreams in which you are a real girl? If so, are they erotic dreams or chaste? SSA

I remember a dream were I was a girl and it was not chaste at all. It was a few months ago. I don't remember many details. I just know that I was naked with my legs spread apart lying on some hard surface, like a block of cement or something, in some old torn down house. Picture a horror movie house. Between my legs there was a guy fucking me hard. I was trying to escape but couldn't and I kept on thinking in my dream why was I a girl? Why was I feeling a cock inside me? After he was done and left, I tried to run away but I heard voices in the house so I tip toed out of the house quietly. The End. Doesn't it suck that dreams have no ending or beginning? You are just there. Then you're not.

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  1. Well, they say we dream about what we want most;)