Question: Did you make a comic a while back...

Did you make a comic a while back about an undercover agent that pretends to be a cheerleader or dancer at a sporting event, and then goes to a pool party where the pool is full of chemicals that accidentaly mold the female bodysuit to his/her body?

While this sounds like a nice plot, all the long comics I've made are already posted on the link above. The one story that comes close to this plot is Spy Games but only because there is a swimming pool involved. The actual transformation happens elsewhere.


  1. the story your looking for is on http://tgcomics.com/cover.php try looking there, sorry i can't think of the name, but 98% sure i saw it there. :)

  2. @Sedra,

    That's a good site. Lots of great 3D comics.

  3. thank you hun :) oh, and i love you blog, keep up the good work