A confession about who I am

I guess it was bound to happen. A one in a million chance. I was out on the street and someone approached me and asked if I was Sasha. I looked at them without thinking and said, Yes? I should know better but you see I had no reason to think any of it. That is my real name so why wouldn't I say, Yes? The words that came out of this stranger's mouth almost stopped my heart. He asked, "Aren't you... supposed to be a guy?" I could tell from the surprise in his eyes exactly what he meant. One of my readers recognized me from my blog. I could not believe it. I mean talk about a needle in the haystack. But then again, I guess if I wear the same clothes in my pictures when I go out on the street the chances increase tenfold.

After some embarrassing moments I explained to this stranger that I was indeed really a girl. He shook his head in disgust telling me I should not fool my readers. That was one of my questions when I first started this whole blog. Should I tell who I really am or should I make up a good story for everyone's entertainment? I chose option two. I would tell a tale to capture everyone's imagination. It was all for fun. I would tell my life as a real life tg caption. You know I love tg captions! From surfing the internet I knew there were other girls like me out there. Girls that got turned on thinking about the whole gender bender thing. Especially when it came to boys turning into girls. I wished I could be a boy turning into a girl but I was already a girl so there was a problem. Who would read a story about a girl turned into boy turned into girl? Too boring! No, I needed to be a boy that wanted to be a girl so I became one, at least online.

After I came home, I guess I felt some sort of guilt. My conscience was telling me to be honest. It grumbled at me. Oh wait, that was my stomach telling me I was hungry. It was lunch time after all. Anyway, I decided to come clean. I enjoy reading and writing tg stories.

My name is Sasha and I am a girl.

I hope you keep reading my blog.

Thank you.


  1. I wish I could tell you all that this was a prank post, but the stranger was me. I was driving along the streets and had a look at the hookers since I knew it's very likely to find Sasha there. When I approached a group of hookers just one turned around to look at the nice BMW and then I recognized her. I stopped and had this conversation with her. Though it was slightly different than what Sasha wrote above. I wasn't disgusted. And I got a nice blowjob while she was allowed to drive with me in my car. I mean, we all knew she's really a whore and there's no need to fool all of us, but well, I proved it.

  2. Thats crazy! I have thought of that before myself! I sometimes wonder if the guy handing me my change is a viewer or reader of my blog, if he too wishes to be a girl, and has no idea that the guy he came across was Tina in disguise!

    Sometimes I wonder too, if I could tell anybody about who I am, a random acquaintance perhaps? I dunno, its just a thought!

    If I were you I would be pretty confused about what he meant. Sometimes I wonder about "our" readers, if some are into TG, and just like the idea of m2f stuff? I mean thats what I thought when I wondered the kind of person he might be? I mean did you talk to him at all or were you kinda weirded out about the whole situation? I would have been overly flattered to have someone ask me if I was Tina. I would like to have a friend in real life to share my interests...


  3. So you're a girl that has a thing for guys that turn into girls?
    That's actually pretty cool

  4. Waaaaiit a minute. Is this an april fools joke?

  5. Hi Sasha,
    Makes no difference to me, if your caps are good, your caps are good. Whether you are M, F, T or anything else doesn't matter to me.
    Being T myself, I'm part of a community that has suffered at the hands of small minds just like the small minded attitude of the person who recognised you.
    Their attitude says far more about them than it does you and I'm pretty sure most of your readers would agree!
    Keep up the good work!
    Y. xxx
    (Or did I miss something in the post and just out myself as stupid?)

  6. I knew it!

    Okay, not really. Don't worry Sasha, I'll still read anyway.

    Peculiar that this happened yesterday though.
    <3 SSA

  7. That's actually pretty hot!

  8. Well, I am all for conspiracy theories anyway.

    Could this just be an April Fools Day posting? Yup, it certainly could.

    Could Sasha really be a woman? Also definitely could be true, since there are quite a few real women on Rachel's Haven, including Rachel herself.

    Does it matter? Well, I guess that is all up to the individual.

  9. As a totally straight guy who is turned on by this stuff, and is a little uncomfortable about it, it is really cool to know that there are girls out there who can relate. I really appreciate the honesty. . . Also, whether you are a guy or girl makes no difference.

  10. So now that some have sussed it, aren't you supposed to say APRIL FOOLS !