TG caption: wedding-gay-m2f

I remember I made this TG caption at the time gay marriage was on the news. The fight for equality continues.



TG caption: wear-thong

It's amazing how stretchy tiny underwear is.


TG caption: walking-club

I wonder what it would be like to go clubbing as a girl. Lots of fun I bet!


Question: You haven't said anything about your gf for a while, how are things going in that department?

I have been keeping a relatively low profile on the crossdressing department so Lauren has not said much of anything lately. With both our super busy schedules it has been hard to keep up with real life so fantasy has taken a bit of a break. A few weeks ago though she did spend the night over and was looking for a few things to wear in her stash of clothes that she leaves in the apartment. While looking she ran into some of my panties and inquired about it. It wasn't that I had a few but that I had more than she expected that surprised. She grabbed a black satin bikini one and said "Thanks" as she went to take a shower.

It is weird already that I borrowed some clothes from her but now she is borrowing from me? Weird indeed. Good thing my parents taught me to share!


TG caption: waking-up-smoke

If only I woke up one day and looked half that bad good!


Question: Lifeguard?

This question came some weeks ago and it took me some time to come around to answer it. I had to wait for the sun to come out so bikini beach finally opened. I really did not want to go but my friends finally convinced me I needed to get a new perspective. I really didn't know what they meant but I sure found out when the changes first started. All I gotta say is that from now on, I'll fill up Lauren's clothes on top. I'm sure glad they also were accepting new lifeguards because the other option would have been the night shift at some sleazy strip club.

Question: Did you make a comic a while back...

Did you make a comic a while back about an undercover agent that pretends to be a cheerleader or dancer at a sporting event, and then goes to a pool party where the pool is full of chemicals that accidentaly mold the female bodysuit to his/her body?

While this sounds like a nice plot, all the long comics I've made are already posted on the link above. The one story that comes close to this plot is Spy Games but only because there is a swimming pool involved. The actual transformation happens elsewhere.

TG caption: new-girl

This is what happens when you ask me for help in feminizing you. Somebody needs to take it and that somebody is you! ;-)


TG caption: waiting-legs

Would you love to wait too if you had legs like those? I love those long slender legs.


TG caption: thanksgiving

If only I had a body like this, I'd give a lot of thanks and a lot of giving.


TG caption: taking-test

What would you do to help your girlfriend? Would you dress up? Would you seem too eager to do it? ;-)


TG captions: bff

Don't you just hate it when your best friend who happens to be a girl wants to hang out with you without her boyfriend being jealous? This is a good solution.



TG caption: poking-fun

Don't you just hate when people just keep poking fun at you? Ok, maybe that didn't quite came out the way I wanted. The point is when I tell you to stop you better do it. Otherwise, what happened to poor Jeremy in this TG caption will happen to you. Then again, you may enjoy having pics of you on this website doing that Jeremy is doing.


TG caption: looking-good

Certain parts of our lives are better to keep behind closed doors.


TG caption: sauna

A long time ago I remember going to a sauna. It was hot and steamy and relaxing. Although I wonder if I had stayed just a little longer I would have come out looking like the shapely girl in this TG caption.


TG caption: around-the-corner

I wonder if I had been a girl all my life what my teenage years would have been? Would I have been a nerd, vixen or girl next door? Or would I fantasize about being a boy? ;-) It is hard to say. But I think that part of the fun of fantasizing being a girl is that I'd have to retain my memories so I could fully appreciate my new found femininity. Compare and contrast my friends!


TG caption: regular beach

Always remember to read the tiny print. Especially the part that says how long your pass lasts.


TG comic: witness-protection-fail

When it comes to your well being, never trust the Feds! With the government freezing no wonder government employees are not doing your job. Who works for free? That would make them all whores. ;-)


TG caption: rave

Reality is what you believe it is. Say no to drugs!


TG caption: prom queen

You should always lend a helping hand to your friends. Who knows... you might like it!


TG caption: pink shorts

The thing about making TG captions is that I look at all these sexy girls and then I want to be them. Uummm... I guess that is not really a problem since my blog is about that topic. What I mean is that now I want to get some pink shorts just like that so I can see what I look like in them. I'm sure I wouldn't look anything like her but with lots of imagination I can make myself believe I'd look sexy in them. They are so skimpy and revealing. I love them!


Question: Do you ever have dreams in which you are a real girl? If so, are they erotic dreams or chaste? SSA

I remember a dream were I was a girl and it was not chaste at all. It was a few months ago. I don't remember many details. I just know that I was naked with my legs spread apart lying on some hard surface, like a block of cement or something, in some old torn down house. Picture a horror movie house. Between my legs there was a guy fucking me hard. I was trying to escape but couldn't and I kept on thinking in my dream why was I a girl? Why was I feeling a cock inside me? After he was done and left, I tried to run away but I heard voices in the house so I tip toed out of the house quietly. The End. Doesn't it suck that dreams have no ending or beginning? You are just there. Then you're not.

TG caption: roleplay-ability

Isn't it great when you have a skill and people recognize it?


TG caption: not to cum

This Tg caption is exactly why you shouldn't drink and suck cock! It ruins lives!