Question: Would you ever help a boy down the road of becoming a girl?

Are you applying for the secretary open position? I'll need a resume and references please.

I would certainly help anyone become as feminine as they would like to be. I hope my blog is as much part entertaining and educational, or at least inspirational. I do know that it has inspired a few people so that makes me happy. I must warn you that I have no formal training whatsoever but I'm willing to share experiences and hopefully we'd learn from each other.

How would I help you? It's really your choice right? I think the militaristic style would be best. Break you down and build you up from the start so that one day you too can become a sexy ninja girl... or something. I could write a thousand words describing what I'd like you to do in your path of discovery but I don't feel like writing that much and you probably wouldn't read it either so here's a picture.