Question: What is the most 'public' thing you've done while dressed as Sasha?

The most public thing I've done while dressed up was to look outside the window. I really haven't had a chance to go into the world and venture out dressed as a girl. I'm a chicken. I know I'll probably eventually take baby steps here and there but I just haven't done it yet. I wonder what is the average time a crossdresser takes to venture out. I'm sure some probably never leave their homes, which is perfectly fine. However, for me, I think the idea of walking out of the house would be very exciting.


  1. I've only done it on Halloween

  2. It is probably hard, wherever you are. If you live in a village, you can hardly leave the house, whithout someone watching you from behind their curtains. Also, people in the whole village will know your face.
    And if you live in a city, you can always meet a neighbour from the the house you are living in, on the stair ways.
    So even if you would look very passingable, the dangers of being discovered are present. :(

  3. It is difficult. I used to do some casual crossdressing in highschool but I didnt step out in public until my freshman year at college due to the strong urging (practically forcing:P) of a friend. I was super nervous about it but she assured me that she could make me passable enough where it would be ok. Even after she was done I still wasnt sure so she did something that horrified me, she invited a mutual friend over to her room for a minute....the guy showed up and I was so certain he was going to know but he had no idea, after talking for a few minutes she went to the bathroom and left him and i alone (she was so evil lol) and he started talking to me and he never figured it out! After he left I had to concede that she was right and we started going out together as a couple of girls:) It is a scary process and it definitely takes time but the results are worth it. There are very few feelings that compare to the first time you step out as a girl and no one knows your secret, its exhilarating! It is always better when you have one person you can really trust and help you with it too:) I wish she were still here today to see the girl she helped me become and to meet my bf and I owe it all to her...I just know she would be so proud of me<3

  4. Sasha, I think that some day in the future you'll get to go out dressed pretty and no one will suspect your secret. Maybe for the first time you could go somewhere dark where most people won't be payint attention, like to a theater or symphony. ;-) <3 SSA