Question: Do you have any tips for sticking dildos in your bum, so it doesn't hurt so much?

I really do not have any experience with dildos since I'm a virgin! I can't really help you there, sorry. From what I hear you can have toys of different sizes and start slow till you are ready to take in that wonderful 8" or maybe you're a naughty girl and want to go the full 10". I can only imagine it would slip really nice and easy if you have a sexy helper to assist with lubing everything nice and slippery and keep those girly thoughts going. It sure would get me in the mood and I would be spreading my ass cheeks really wide...


  1. A virgin? Really? Good for you! I tried to stay that way, wanting to be pure for my future wife, But then I couldn't take it any more and went fuck crazy when I was thirty two. (Hey I tried)!
    Hope you make it.

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    This is a bit late but no one else seems to want to say anything. All you have to do is first lube your ass and dildo then press the dildo head to your asshole. Keep gently but firmly pressing the dildo on your ass while concentrating on relaxing it. Before you know it, it'll be inside you and it'll feel fantastic!

  3. Anon 1 is right, lube is essential. So is relaxing, and being in the right mind. If you relax you'll be "looser" and it''l go in easier. Also wearing a anal plug helps. If you can, try sleeping with one in. it helps get you used to feeling something in there.

  4. stay a virgin and don't do it !