Poll results: What do you like most about my blog?

It was good to see that the results have not changed much from when I first asked if you rather have one blog or two separate blogs (one for TG captions and one for crossdressing stuff). My first thought was that ,it even looked like some people changed their minds and preferred one blog. But after further review, the numbers can be read either way. Who thought math (e.g. statistics) could be used to tell lies? Anyhoo, my head hurts now so I'm going to stop. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to vote.

Total votes: 204
1. TG captions only. Everything else is g - a - y. [73 votes/35%]
2. Sasha's stoopidly sexy fem adventures. There is nothing like the real thing. [16 votes/7%]
3. Both. You confuse my girly mind and my male horny mind. I like it. [115 votes/56%]


  1. So are you planning any changes or did you get any ideas as a result of the poll, Sasha? <3 SSA

  2. No changes. I just wanted to know people's opinion now that they had a taste of the mixed content.