TG caption: hidden tan lies

The sun is out boys and girls! Let's go to the beach!


Question: rae?

At first I didn't know what to think of this question. They sure are becoming more enigmatic these days. I thought it could be the name of one of my guest captioners but that would be too obvious and I know you guys are trickier than that!

I figured I should look it up on the web and found that RAE = Real Academia Espanola! I'm such an airhead. I should have know this since I know some girls that attend this fine school. I hear teachers are hard on you but fair and the school has a really low teacher to student ratio. My friends tell me they love their classes and learn so much. It seems that Dicktion 101 is pretty popular. What do you think, should I enroll?

TG caption: mob debt

Maybe we should all go on a gambling spreeeee...


Question: Are they more lenient on pedophiles in South Korea?

No, they aren't. I do not have any first hand experience with the Korean legal system but a friend of a friend of a friend's girlfriend of a boyfriend told me that if you are a pedophile they sure are gona bust your balls over there. Literally. In South Korea pedophiles are castrated. Those are the lucky ones. The not so lucky ones get put into community service as whores to be used in international relationship. Ever wonder why American soldiers are still posted in South Korea? Someone has to keep those troops happy, right? After some digging in the internet I found a picture of what happened to poor Jack, an American convicted pedophile, who went to South Korea thinking he would try out new farming grounds. I'm sure in his new position, he won't be harming any children anymore. Case closed!

Question: Do you have any tips for sticking dildos in your bum, so it doesn't hurt so much?

I really do not have any experience with dildos since I'm a virgin! I can't really help you there, sorry. From what I hear you can have toys of different sizes and start slow till you are ready to take in that wonderful 8" or maybe you're a naughty girl and want to go the full 10". I can only imagine it would slip really nice and easy if you have a sexy helper to assist with lubing everything nice and slippery and keep those girly thoughts going. It sure would get me in the mood and I would be spreading my ass cheeks really wide...

TG caption: only look

I love skirts and dresses but then again jeans can be so sexy too.


TG caption: almost-completed

I can't really tell or remember exactly but I think one of the models in this TG caption I used is a shemale. I'm not sure which one it is but I'll give you a hint. It isn't the one of the far left.


TG caption: vacation

This TG comic illustrates how you can get in trouble when you get so deep in character. Don't play with fire unless you want to get fucked!


TG caption: red-dress

I just noticed that I title this "red dress" when I first made the TG caption but she isn't wearing one! I'm such a blind fool. She is right though, heels do kill your feet! But they make me feel oh so sexy!


Question: pdf?

Another enigmatic question. At first I thought that by pdf the person who asked this meant Portable Document Format but then I came to my senses and realized it couldn't be. PDF could really only mean one thing. The reader was asking what did I do as my Portable Daily Fun. The days that I feel sexy I look at some sexy pictures and relax in bed and slowly start playing with my nipples with my head full of girly thoughts. It turns me on incredibly to just run my hands over my silky smooth skin, close my eyes and imagine all sorts of girly things. As you know a girl's nipples are very sensitive so I play with them a lot which makes my clitty moist and ready to play. I squirm and moan, spread my legs and slowly...

I'll let you use your imagination.

TG caption: mau-slut

I'm always surprised to see my older TG captions. They feel so short and simple to me now.


TG caption: trade-bodies

In this TG caption you find yourself in your friend's body. What would you do?


TG caption: prom-night-hormones

Spring is here! My advice to everyone who was affected by the great shift is to wear protection. I really wouldn't want you girls to get all wet.


Question: shemale?

I love when I get random questions where I have to guess what the question is. Obviously whoever asked this question wanted to know about shemales. I'm curious about shemales and also a bit conflicted. They turn me on and don't turn me on at the same time. How is it possible? It must be that they appeal to both my masculine and feminine side. My favorite transsexual at the moment is Bailey Jay. Which one is yours?

TG caption: must find bikini

I like the girl in this TG caption with her nice tight body trying to cover her perky breasts. Wouldn't you like to have a handful too?


TG comic: made

Would you like to be made? And who would make you?


TG caption: coolest-cat

Here is a very pink TG caption. This caption was made for someone at the Haven that really liked UGG boots. I'm sure they are very comfortable and casual looking. Like many things fashionable, know what to wear so you have a presentable outfit.


Question: What is the most 'public' thing you've done while dressed as Sasha?

The most public thing I've done while dressed up was to look outside the window. I really haven't had a chance to go into the world and venture out dressed as a girl. I'm a chicken. I know I'll probably eventually take baby steps here and there but I just haven't done it yet. I wonder what is the average time a crossdresser takes to venture out. I'm sure some probably never leave their homes, which is perfectly fine. However, for me, I think the idea of walking out of the house would be very exciting.

TG caption: play-football-again

Never give up on those college day dreams! You too can play for the other team.


TG caption: magic-assistant

I think this TG caption was one of the first ones I played with some photoshop effects to illustrate the magic.


TG caption: lost-something

Don't you just hate when you lose something and can't find it?

Question: What websites would you recommend to find out where on the trans-gender spectrum you land?

I really have not explored at any length good websites on these kind of tests. A few months ago I posted my results of the COGIATI test. Run a search on google for 'cogiati' and you'll find lots of sites that can give you the test. However, keep in mind it is only for entertainment purposes. Generally, tests that label or try to predict behavior are just very hard to be accurate. The test needs to be very well designed and even if it is, it would still be a challenge to capture the intricacies and complexity of the human mind.

Take the test, any test, and have fun with it. Don't take it too seriously. Be what you want to be and don't let labels define you.


Poll results: What do you like most about my blog?

It was good to see that the results have not changed much from when I first asked if you rather have one blog or two separate blogs (one for TG captions and one for crossdressing stuff). My first thought was that ,it even looked like some people changed their minds and preferred one blog. But after further review, the numbers can be read either way. Who thought math (e.g. statistics) could be used to tell lies? Anyhoo, my head hurts now so I'm going to stop. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to vote.

Total votes: 204
1. TG captions only. Everything else is g - a - y. [73 votes/35%]
2. Sasha's stoopidly sexy fem adventures. There is nothing like the real thing. [16 votes/7%]
3. Both. You confuse my girly mind and my male horny mind. I like it. [115 votes/56%]

TG caption: super fast changes

This TG caption shows how life can change so fast. Enjoy what you have right now cuz it will get better!


TG caption: rihanna replica

Like a fake Rolex, these days you can also get a fake Rihanna.


Isn't she cute?

While surfing the internets I ran into the pictures of this boy/girl transformation. It got me thinking how amazing some people can transform into something other than themselves. Or is it transform into themselves? Enjoy the pictures and let your imagination go wild. Maybe one day you'll send me pictures of your transformation.


Click on the post to see all the pictures. It is well worth it.

TG caption: putting on hailey thong

Do you feel like this TG caption when you slip those forbidden sexy panties? I made this cap when I was playing the Medallion of Zulo game. In the game each player had two turns with the medallion and they could transform anyone but themselves. You'd write up your roleplay part but were also encouraged to do it in a TG caption format. This was my reaction when I got transformed and had to wear panties for the first time.


TG caption: hotest girl at school

After the last very wordy TG caption, I thought I'd post a simpler caption.


Crossdressing model Andrej Pejic

This guy looks amazing as a girl. Who would have thought that crossdressing would ever be such a good sensation in the modeling world? It is said that fashion starts at the higher level and then it trickles down to us mere mortals. Does this mean a change in men's fashion is brewing in the horizon? To be able to wear anything you want and go out and no one give you a second glance? That'll be the day.

TG caption: girlfriends mirror

Do you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see someone else? If you do, maybe you should make a wish, the sort of likes in this TG caption.


TG caption: one-disastrous-confession

I made this TG caption using a very girl next door picture. Somehow these next door girls show up as often as porn stars on the internet. Makes me wonder where the world is heading but then again who am I to judge. Any of you have any confessions you'd like to make? I'm all ears. Do not be afraid.


Question: Have you ever done one of those "Which celebrity do you look like generator thingy," where you upload a picture of yourself and see which actress you look like most?

Tina, thank you for your question. I tried to load my picture to a bunch of different sites and each one gives me a different answer. I guess I look like a lot of people. I even tried to see who I looked liked as a girl and even as a boy! This was the most interesting answer. I think I much rather be Jennifer Anniston and have lots of friends!

TG caption: army

This TG caption reminds me of all the commercials on TV about the military and to talk to your parents. If only they used this picture in the commercials, I'm sure there would be a whole new target market of recruits that would eagerly sign up. Bowah!