TG caption: road revenge

This TG caption is one of my favorites. First, I fell in love with the picture. When I first saw it, I could only wonder what was going on. The ladies are of course beautiful in their professional attire which I found it very sexy. And then, what's up with the hammer? It was one of those pictures that I crafted a nice story mixing transgender, sex and violence. So... I have an open position for a secretary, any volunteers?


  1. Wow sasha, such a great cap! I didn't think ultra violence could be quite so sexy! And I just love your test positioning on this. It really emphasizes the two subjects!

  2. @Caitlyn,

    These were my early days of photoshop. I enjoy the versatility of text manipulation and how it can blend with the picture. Comic life restricts you in that aspect to the use of dialog boxes. I'm not bashing CL. I'm just saying different tools for different looks.

  3. Well, you now I love this caption. But about that open position for a secretary, I'll volunteer! Will I have take dicktation? :-"

    If you mess around with comic life enough you can blend the text with certain pictures. Photoshop has more options and filters and etc, but you can do exactly what you did for this caption with comic life.

  4. Poor Jeremy... or I mean Jennifer... must not realize that Sasha's a ninja. :-) Very cool, sexy caption, Sasha!

    Has anyone used Serif's PhotoPlus? You can get the basic version free. I downloaded it recently to make a couple of things and thought it was a great piece of software for the price. It sure beats Paint anyway.