TG caption (guest): good-intentions

This TG caption from one of my readers is a little different. Age and relatives is not really my big thing but I think some of you might appreciate these ladies.


  1. First, I am glad you like my work, though you seem to be focusing on my earlier stuff. My best Caption series is perhaps 'Brand New U', while one of my longest is 'Baily and Tina'. I will admit to losing some interest in making captions at the moment but my inital aim was to cover a wide variety of tags. Anyways thanks for the interest...

    Dragon Master Cecil

  2. @Dragon's Bane,

    I was just posting in no particular order. I totally understand losing interest at times. It happens to everyone. I had a period of months that I did not make anything.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Sasha! And thinks for making it D.M.C. :-) <3 SSA. Happy Valentine's Day, Sasha!