Question: Where do you see yourself in five years when it comes to your crossdressing?

Dressing almost full time? Dressing occasionally (like now)? Dressing less often? Have you purged your clothes again?

The dreaded five year plan! I'd like to point out that having short term and long term plans are great to get things accomplished. I tried. I failed. This is a really hard question to answer. I think for the near future, I would like to perfect all the feminine things: dressing, make up, hair, how to walk, mannerisms, voice, and interact with other people. When I get all of those things down, as scary as it sounds, I'd like to venture out in the world outside my apartment. I guess this sounds like I'd dress up more often.

I have not thrown all my clothes into the vacuum of space. You probably asked this question because I had not posted a pic of me in some time. I have just been busy at work. If anything, I think I have more girl clothes than I ever had before. Oh yeah... and maybe in five years, I'll actually suck on a...


  1. you should totally venture outside your apartment! it took me years to do it but the feeling is amazing!!! its so much fun ^_^ and as far as sucking...well you already know my position on that~ Sadie

  2. As fast as you are becoming and confident and comfortable as a pretty girl, I bet you'll be out of your apartment sooner than you expect. <3 SSA