Question: Truth or dare!

Shit! It is late. Sorta of. I'm fucking drunk. I know who asked this. I'm going to try to answer. I'm chatting with you online, you slut. :-) Anyway. I pick truth. So far I have answered every single question on the form. I'm proud of that. Fun stuff. I hope you are all enjoying my blog. It's all been the truth anyway. Ask your freaking truth question. Oh wait. I need to go get a picture to illustrate this. I know how you all love pictures. I do too. Kisses!


  1. whats your naughtiest fantasy you have had since your girlfriend found out about all of this and played around with you?

  2. @Jennifer,

    I'll answer this in a later post.

  3. I'll be looking forward to hearing that! :-) <3 SSA. Happy Valentine's Day, Sasha!