Question: If Lauren told you tonight that her fantasy involved you and another man at the same time (with you dressed as Sasha), would you agree to fulfill her fantasy?

Tonight I have a date so I unfortunately would not make it. Perhaps another night? Kidding aside I'd say that it is a kinky thought but since you asked if I'd do it tonight. I'd have to say no. Maybe in the future I would do it. Everyone likes a threesome right?

I can see how this scenario can be hot at several levels. There is some humiliation involved and some sex involved all wrapped up with some kinkiness with a bow on top. I wonder how a night like that would go. I think  I'd first would need some training so I can satisfy the man. I would hate to disappoint. I'm thinking at some point in the night I'd find myself doing something like this...


  1. I think I might, lol, actually this scenario was proposed to me a few years ago and I chickened out. I don't even know why I chickened out, and I think that's what I regret the most. I'm pretty sure I would take the leap if it was proposed again :P

  2. Sexy fantasy option. . . it sounds like you are fighting urges. It's understandable. It's a huge step.

  3. im sure you could find someone to train ya :P I would loan my friends if i could lol~ Sadie

  4. Lauren? When did you start asking questions here?!
    <3 SSA

  5. O.k... someone has to get Lauren's digits and start texting suggestions!

    I'm sure you would have no lack of 'training' options. Post an add for volunteers here and you'll have people knocking on your door in about 5 minutes Sasha!