Question: Are you going to go all the way into becoming a girl?

I don't think I'd really ever go all the way. That is a long way. I'm mostly living a fantasy and enjoying it so far and I hope you are enjoying following it. I think people who go all the way really feel like they need to match the body to their minds. I enjoy being both a guy and pretending to be a girl to the most passable I can manage. I think that going all the way with surgeries and all would be scary. I do live the fantasy though and you by asking me this question is a sign that I've been doing a good job and being somewhat convincingly as a girl wannabe. With all that said, I know that times change and I try to keep an open mind. I'll go wherever this road takes me...

The timing of your question could not be better. A reader recently emailed me this picture that he was saving for a TG caption telling me that it could be a picture of me. I wish! Your question inspired me to make this TG caption. Yes! Not old work. Shiny new TG caption.

PS. I should put up a poll on whether I should go all the way or not. Democracy rules! Not! ;-) It might be fun to find the results though.


  1. Hello Sasha, i'm agree with you, it's a fantasy, i'm not for surgery and pass the rest of my life to take hormone and another things, and the results could be fail, no it's no good.
    If he existing a way to becoming a girl without surgery in the same fantasy we're dreaming, yes i take the pass, may be i was affraid to died or regret it but becoming a real womani say a real woman, i think i love it, i just said goodbye for my older life and live a new one as a woman...but it's just a fantasy, it's no true and no existing or everybody lie to me.

  2. Of course your perverted readers would vote to make you go all the way. It's not they that'd have to go through with it.

  3. Great caption! I'm really glad you decided to give us a little peek at your new girlie bits, too... but shouldn't this have a "playin' Sasha" tag on it? ;-) <3 SSA. Happy Valentine's Day

  4. Havent been on in a while because I have been super busy but I like this caption! I have actually been talking to some people about possibly starting the process to go all the way