TG caption (guest): magazine

Here is a little magazine cover idea from a guest TG caption'er.


TG caption: road revenge

This TG caption is one of my favorites. First, I fell in love with the picture. When I first saw it, I could only wonder what was going on. The ladies are of course beautiful in their professional attire which I found it very sexy. And then, what's up with the hammer? It was one of those pictures that I crafted a nice story mixing transgender, sex and violence. So... I have an open position for a secretary, any volunteers?


TG caption: one-mile-in-her-shoes

Think about this TG caption next time you tell lady to hurry up when she is walking in high heels or taking her time to get ready. I remember when I made this TG caption how exciting it would be to be in a situation like that. Imagine walking at night all dressed up in heels wondering if you were going to make it home or not.


TG caption: train-station

I remember when I first made this TG caption I just really liked the picture of the red head girl on the train tracks. It was a little hard to come up with a story but then I remember how girl's clothes hardly have any pockets. Which now reminds me that if I ever venture out of the safety of my apartment I'm going to need a purse. Hhmmmm.... shopping? But I digress, back to the TG caption, and of course train tracks makes me think of big trains going deep and fast into tunnels so I had to mention something about that. Enjoy the cap.


Question: Can you create a caption with my name turning into a girl? Barak.

Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Tit for tat or is that tit for tit? I would happily make a TG caption for you if you make one for me first. Sounds like a fair trade? Besides, shouldn't you be running the country or something instead of fantasizing about TG captions?

blonde party crasher at Obama's function


TG caption: healthy petite female

I love wishes that go a little astray like the one in this TG caption. You wish for something and you get it. Wouldn't life be so easy? We could all wish for pink ribbons or something like that. What would you wish for? I wish for world peace and I personally believe...


TG caption: roleplay

This TG caption might be a little hard to read. This was at a time when I was playing around with colors and fonts. Who wants to roleplay with me?


Question: If Lauren told you tonight that her fantasy involved you and another man at the same time (with you dressed as Sasha), would you agree to fulfill her fantasy?

Tonight I have a date so I unfortunately would not make it. Perhaps another night? Kidding aside I'd say that it is a kinky thought but since you asked if I'd do it tonight. I'd have to say no. Maybe in the future I would do it. Everyone likes a threesome right?

I can see how this scenario can be hot at several levels. There is some humiliation involved and some sex involved all wrapped up with some kinkiness with a bow on top. I wonder how a night like that would go. I think  I'd first would need some training so I can satisfy the man. I would hate to disappoint. I'm thinking at some point in the night I'd find myself doing something like this...


TG caption: three-wishes

I wish I could fill a bikini like that!


TG caption: her panties

This TG caption is a little different than my usual transformations. I'm not really into transformation into inanimate objects but I'm always willing to try something new.


TG caption: famous out car

Wouldn't you love to be the girl in this TG caption? Beautiful with amazing legs, feeling the breeze and the softness of the leather on your skin? I know you want it. go ahead and imagine it.


TG caption (guest): sexy lexi

The girl in this TG caption is definitely not weak. Look at those guns!


TG caption: Unforgettable Valentine's Day

A special an original TG caption for valentine's day. Keep it an unreal and a fantastic day!

TG comic: Economic Downturn

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Here is a republish of a TG comic. I made this last year when the economy hit the hard brakes. I hope since then everyone is in a better position right now. Perhaps in the same position as this TG comic? Enjoy your significant others and share the love.


Question: Truth or dare!

Shit! It is late. Sorta of. I'm fucking drunk. I know who asked this. I'm going to try to answer. I'm chatting with you online, you slut. :-) Anyway. I pick truth. So far I have answered every single question on the form. I'm proud of that. Fun stuff. I hope you are all enjoying my blog. It's all been the truth anyway. Ask your freaking truth question. Oh wait. I need to go get a picture to illustrate this. I know how you all love pictures. I do too. Kisses!


Question: Are you going to go all the way into becoming a girl?

I don't think I'd really ever go all the way. That is a long way. I'm mostly living a fantasy and enjoying it so far and I hope you are enjoying following it. I think people who go all the way really feel like they need to match the body to their minds. I enjoy being both a guy and pretending to be a girl to the most passable I can manage. I think that going all the way with surgeries and all would be scary. I do live the fantasy though and you by asking me this question is a sign that I've been doing a good job and being somewhat convincingly as a girl wannabe. With all that said, I know that times change and I try to keep an open mind. I'll go wherever this road takes me...

The timing of your question could not be better. A reader recently emailed me this picture that he was saving for a TG caption telling me that it could be a picture of me. I wish! Your question inspired me to make this TG caption. Yes! Not old work. Shiny new TG caption.

PS. I should put up a poll on whether I should go all the way or not. Democracy rules! Not! ;-) It might be fun to find the results though.

TG caption: stretch-out

That seems like a good problem to have in this TG caption.


You want me to walk on these?

I know girls look super sexy on heels but sometimes it is just ridiculous. I wonder what happened here. Were the shoes not laced correctly? Or some genius had the great idea of placing little slippery balls on the catwalk for decoration. Either way this is hilarious and so embarrassing for the model. Poor girl could have broken her ankles. Someone said, "think giraffe on roller skates."

TG caption (guest): good-intentions

This TG caption from one of my readers is a little different. Age and relatives is not really my big thing but I think some of you might appreciate these ladies.


TG caption: drop ring

I'm looking at the picture on this TG caption and I'm mesmerized by her ass. Wouldn't it be great to have a body like that either to fuck or get fucked?


TG caption (guest): the transfer

Transfers in this TG caption means a lot more than just moving to a new school or class.


TG caption: designer-body

The dress in this TG caption is so sexy. I wish I could it off like that. She just looks amazing going in her date. I'm sure she will have lots of fun.


TG caption (guest): shampoo-mix-up

This guest TG caption is so true. Who wants to use male shampoo anyway? I really enjoy the variety of choices and smells of girl's shampoos. They all smell so good. You can have fruity or flowery. It makes my hair smell good. I usually shower in the evening so that I get to enjoy falling asleep surrounded by a nice aroma. Also, I really don't want to go to work smelling like a rose or like a fresh picked strawberry.

TG caption (guest): superwoman

Even superman has super fantasies!


TG caption: huh

That's a hard way to wake up.


TG caption: caught-wearing-clothes

I looked at this old TG caption with a totally new perspective and feelings towards it. Times have changed.


Question: Where do you see yourself in five years when it comes to your crossdressing?

Dressing almost full time? Dressing occasionally (like now)? Dressing less often? Have you purged your clothes again?

The dreaded five year plan! I'd like to point out that having short term and long term plans are great to get things accomplished. I tried. I failed. This is a really hard question to answer. I think for the near future, I would like to perfect all the feminine things: dressing, make up, hair, how to walk, mannerisms, voice, and interact with other people. When I get all of those things down, as scary as it sounds, I'd like to venture out in the world outside my apartment. I guess this sounds like I'd dress up more often.

I have not thrown all my clothes into the vacuum of space. You probably asked this question because I had not posted a pic of me in some time. I have just been busy at work. If anything, I think I have more girl clothes than I ever had before. Oh yeah... and maybe in five years, I'll actually suck on a...

TG caption: bodysuit no zipper

I really enjoy TG captions in the body suit universe, especially when those pesky zippers break or disappear.

TG caption (guest): ghostbusters

You know who you gona call, right?