TG caption: forced to serve

This TG caption is a little treat for you. I got up today and dressed in something sexy, felt a bit excited about spending the weekend dressed. Probably just doing chores around the home and taking some pictures. I got in the mood of making some TG captions so this one is just fresh of the oven as I sit here wearing a dress, black lacy panties and my manicured fingers type this message. New TG captions! I know... crazy. xoxo


  1. Great caption. Thanks for the treat today! The black lacy panties you had on in your New Years Eve picture? You look delicious in those.
    <3 SSA :-)

  2. Just wanted to drop in and say I love this caption! read it on the haven and it's just as good here of course!

  3. @SSA, Yes, they were those panties.

    @Simone, Thanks and welcome to my blog.