Question: Would you ever make a video of you crossed dressed?

One of my readers accused me of being an attention whore so I told him to stop reading my blog. He says he can't stop it. Videos would be a bit trickier for me to make but maybe one day I'll make one just like this other attention whore. Britney is an amazing dancer. I love the choreography @ 2:08 min.

PS. Just came to my attention that some of our international readers might not be able to watch the video. I'll let you search of it on your own if you are interested on watching it. The video is Britney Spears, Circus.


  1. Hmmm.... a video might be a great idea. Whether shared on the blog or not. Mimicking a woman's pose for a sexy photo is one thing, but how much practice would you need to mimic their movements eh?

  2. I'm always practicing. Practice, practice, practice makes a woman!