Question: Why haven't you slept in girl clothes much?

An interesting question. The truth is that I have not really thought about doing that all the time. Now that I think of it, I'm sure it would feel great. I normally sleep with pajamas. Perhaps I have not slept in girl's clothes all the time because of force of habit and that I do not have any girl pajamas of my own. The most feminine sleepwear would be wearing girl's panties. Maybe I should at least do that. Wear them underneath my regular pajamas and go shop for some nice sexy pajamas. What a great idea. A New Year's resolution?


  1. you could totally surprise your girlfriend with some sexy negligee when you come to bed. *giggle*

    of course just some pink (or some other fem color)silk pj's would be very nice as well. ^_^

  2. Some sexy femme PJs might help induce some sexy femme dreams!

  3. I am really liking this idea!