Question: When did you know you were a true crossdresser and not just curious? I've worn panties, jeans and a skirt once or twice but I'm still not sure who I am.

I have always been curious wearing a piece of feminine clothing here and there but ever since I got caught, crossdressing has taken a new dimension to it. I think the blogging also fuels the feminine flames too.

I remember just a few months ago I posted saying that I never thought of myself as a crossdresser since I didn't do it very often. Now, it seems like I'm always wearing something feminine every day. Isn't that weird? How things can change so fast. My name is Sasha and I'm a crossdresser. There I said it out loud.

If you define a "true crossdresser" by frequency then whenever you cross that imaginary and totally arbitrary number of times you dress up that makes you a true crossdresser. But then again, is this really the definition of a true crossdresser? A crossdresser is someone who dresses in clothes of the opposite gender. Curious or not, the mere fact of putting on girl's clothes (or boy's clothes if you are a girl) makes you a crossdresser. Confusing enough? It sure is.


  1. Not to nit pic but the psychological definition is for a period of at least six months. Sorry sweetheart it's the psych tech in me :-/ lol.. Though I still think it's bull shit that where even in the DSM still>:-/

  2. If your gurly hormones kicked in the second you slipped on your 1st pair of panties, even if you never did it again. You are a crossdresser.

  3. i crossdress when i can and i mix my diaper fetish with it

  4. hey i just now look cross dress captions. i love diapers so when i crossdress ill put a female designed diaper on. i should try siisy diaper captions