Question: Hey, I'd like to book you...

Hey, I'd like to book you, I mean you look like a girl, but also you look very cheap! I had this Martha from Germany the other day, wow, she was worth every $! But you .... how about 200 $ and I pick you up in a BMW? Answer slut!

I'm willing to answer any question. I'm flattered that you'd like to book me. Please call 1-900-sasha make an appointment. Unfortunately, my prices are not negotiable. I'm trying to save for a nice set of implants and Dr. Hacksaw says that they are made in Germany, they are top quality and not cheap. Perhaps they are made in the same factory that made your BMW.

I'm also happy that you had such a nice experience with Martha. Although I do not know her, I heard she really knows how to drive a stick shift. However, she is a cheap slut that would probably would have done you for free so in my opinion you overpaid.

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  1. You just work harder for your implants! I'm worth my 1000 € ... no 2000 € ! I don't need implants but a new BMW! Brings me faster to customers. :)