Question: Can you name 4 reasons why Martha's blog is more successful than yours? I mean she has 5 more followers and overall she seems to get the attention from many more different visitors. I wonder what your opinion is. :D

I love weird questions like these. I really tried to come with four reasons but there is only really one explanation. I know that our blogs are both in English so we get a lot of visitors from America. I really try not to bash on other fellow TG caption'ers. I understand that we all have different tastes and flavors. You very anonymous person asks a very interesting question and I thought long and hard on how to explain why Martha's blog is popular. After many night and days analyzing it. Ok, maybe 10 minutes? Umm... more like 10 seconds. I realized that our blogs cater to different crowds. Martha appeals to the more uneducated and bimbo'ish reader exemplified below. You can find her on youtube.

2007 Ms. Teen USA (Martha's blog reader)

Sasha's blog on the other hand. It is a fine piece of literature crafted to perfection. It is timeless and it will certainly survive the test of time. A more refined reader visits Sasha's blog. And it is tasted in little sips like a well matured wine. Once you start reading the little droplets of words pour into the readers' brain exciting neurons in all the right places.

Unknown Sasha's blog reader

On the other hand, Martha's blog is like a greasy burger. Now, don't get me wrong. Burgers are super tasty. But like her blog, you just gulp and chomp it all down. In summary, Sasha's blog provides a an unique experience like a first class restaurant, while Martha's blog is like your local burger joint.


  1. By the logic posted above, Your blog and Martha's blog are almost TWICE as good as mine, since I have only 59 followers.

    I think its a tossup though, since most of the people that comment in yours, also comment in mine and hers. Then again, they are probably just slumming in Martha's blog, waiting breathlessly until I update my challenging discussion questions, or you post your drool-worthy legs in all their photographic splendor. Besides, I think Jennifer has us doubled up with followers, doesn't she?

    All kidding aside, I honestly think that its the comments that make a blog better in the long run. When we post, it is sent out to this black void of the internet, and we can only hope that we caress certain areas of the viewers minds and bodies with a "GOOD TOUCH!" and not send them screaming into the night yelling "STRANGER DANGER!"

    Anyway, anyone out there reading this who hasn't commented before .. DO SO! Even if you just pick out the favorite posting that Sasha has done, and publicly said, "I LOVE THIS ..whatever." You have NO IDEA how much we suck up things like that and fuels us to post more.


  2. I wonder if Martha asked this question. Lol. Now why am I so hungry for a greasy burger... <3 SSA