Question: Are there any written TG stories you've really liked or would recommend? 3SSA

I've read quite a few stories that are really good. The bad news is that I normally do not remember their titles. There is one author and story in particular that's been stuck in my mind ever since I first read it. It is Bracelet of Love by Stephanie. All of her other stories are really good too.

I can't recommend fictionmania enough times. There are so many really good stories there for all tastes. I used to read them all the time then I sort of switched to TG captions. But, even now, at times I always go to their site to check any new stories. If anyone know of any good stories, feel free to post a comment and share them with everyone else.


  1. fictionmania is a great site. Not only a huge number of stories but very good search capabilities. It's at http://fictionmania.tv/ Among my favorite authors at fictionmania are Karen Elizabeth L. and Vickie Tern. Many, many great stories. Another favorite is "Sitting Pretty" http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=2978458788128816

    I also like the nifty transgender site. I think the main site is http://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/ Many of the stories are older and it's not anywhere near as comprehensive as fictionmania but still, many good stories. I especially like the "mind control" section. I like almost everything in that section but favorites include the classic "Sissy Dani" "Spellbound"

    I really like several stories by Diane Christy. I haven't checked to see if they're at fictionmania but I have found them at http://www.femmexstudios.com/FairyTales.php
    I love "I, My Sister" (warning - it's an unfinished story but still very good). "Sisters of Athernia" at the same site is very long but good. I just noticed that "Spellbound" is also by Diane Christy and also at Femme X Studios.

    I don't think storysite (www.storysite.org) is being updated any more. Still, it's a very good resource.

    I'm afraid I've become a little carried away. Hope you don't mind too much.

    I did want to say thanks for your excellent caps. I enjoy them quite a bit and look forward to your posts.

    All the best.


  2. my favorite story was "my fantasy" by deborah leigh johnson. i am a big fan of johnson, jennifer white, pink mia and tiffany easton. so many of their stories make me want to find a cute boy with a big cock to suck on...

  3. Thanks for sharing girls! I agree that the nifty site is very good. It was actually the first website where I started reading TG stories. It isn't updated as often and much smaller than fictionmania but still good.

    A lot of TG stories are published in several sites too.

  4. An author who calls him-/herself Judoo published a story series on transformation-media.net, called "The fifth Roommate".
    Chapter 1: http://tf-media.net/2010/03/fifth-roommate-chpt-1-move-day-and-bust-out-evening
    It is one of my biggest favorites in the area of tg-romantic-erotic stories.

  5. Hebe Dotson
    Daisy Belle
    What I Did for a Car
    Erin McGee
    My First Time as a Girl
    Mary-Margret Callahan
    Girl's Night Out
    Dani Nicole
    A Summer with Amy

  6. Thanks for answering my question, Sasha! Now it looks like I have plenty of new things to read. All I need now is time to read them. <3 SSA