Question: Are there any written TG stories you've really liked or would recommend? 3SSA

I've read quite a few stories that are really good. The bad news is that I normally do not remember their titles. There is one author and story in particular that's been stuck in my mind ever since I first read it. It is Bracelet of Love by Stephanie. All of her other stories are really good too.

I can't recommend fictionmania enough times. There are so many really good stories there for all tastes. I used to read them all the time then I sort of switched to TG captions. But, even now, at times I always go to their site to check any new stories. If anyone know of any good stories, feel free to post a comment and share them with everyone else.

Question: Can you name 4 reasons why Martha's blog is more successful than yours? I mean she has 5 more followers and overall she seems to get the attention from many more different visitors. I wonder what your opinion is. :D

I love weird questions like these. I really tried to come with four reasons but there is only really one explanation. I know that our blogs are both in English so we get a lot of visitors from America. I really try not to bash on other fellow TG caption'ers. I understand that we all have different tastes and flavors. You very anonymous person asks a very interesting question and I thought long and hard on how to explain why Martha's blog is popular. After many night and days analyzing it. Ok, maybe 10 minutes? Umm... more like 10 seconds. I realized that our blogs cater to different crowds. Martha appeals to the more uneducated and bimbo'ish reader exemplified below. You can find her on youtube.

2007 Ms. Teen USA (Martha's blog reader)

Sasha's blog on the other hand. It is a fine piece of literature crafted to perfection. It is timeless and it will certainly survive the test of time. A more refined reader visits Sasha's blog. And it is tasted in little sips like a well matured wine. Once you start reading the little droplets of words pour into the readers' brain exciting neurons in all the right places.

Unknown Sasha's blog reader

On the other hand, Martha's blog is like a greasy burger. Now, don't get me wrong. Burgers are super tasty. But like her blog, you just gulp and chomp it all down. In summary, Sasha's blog provides a an unique experience like a first class restaurant, while Martha's blog is like your local burger joint.

TG caption: my classic genie

In this TG caption it makes you think twice when you are watching those porn videos and pictures and wish you were fucking a porn star. ;-)


TG caption (guest): football star

For some reason this very short TG caption is very hot. It must be imagining looking like that with such nice panties and spreading my legs to welcome...

TG caption (guest): drunk again

I know all too well just like in this TG caption that drinking and dressing up can lead to some fun.


Poll results: Neatly trimmed vs. racing stripe vs. smooth clean?

A landslide winner maybe because it was all so slippery. No doubt at all that smooth clean won by many votes. Good to see it almost got to 400 total votes. It really shows that people are interested when 398 ppl vote. Makes my exhibitionist juices flow down my legs. I'll take the will of the people into consideration but the president (Lauren) has veto power. I'll as always keep you updated if the will of the people got signed into law or not.

TG caption: bikini waiting

Waiting sucks. I hate it. But I'm sure sucking won't be too bad in this TG caption.


TG caption (guest): cheat on a witch

The girlfriend revenge is never too old.

TG caption (guest): aphrodisiac

Two soft bodies colliding together in this TG caption. Sexy.

TG aption: lesbian fantasy

Do my TG captions represent some crazy taboo fantasies not widely accepted by society? You bet they do. And if you are reading my blog, we're probably all in the same boat. So, row... row... row...


In this TG caption I think she will get a set of balls between her legs... just not hers.

I made this TG caption for a trade at the Haven but the other person didn't have any of the preferences setup. Yeah, I try to be funny sometimes.

TG caption: school spirit

Isn't the super bowl coming soon? If you are a football fan like this TG caption then show your team spirit and support your team!


TG caption: bikini lotion

Wouldn't it be nice if we knew where the bikini beach is? They sure could do better advertising for more business.

Question: When did you know you were a true crossdresser and not just curious? I've worn panties, jeans and a skirt once or twice but I'm still not sure who I am.

I have always been curious wearing a piece of feminine clothing here and there but ever since I got caught, crossdressing has taken a new dimension to it. I think the blogging also fuels the feminine flames too.

I remember just a few months ago I posted saying that I never thought of myself as a crossdresser since I didn't do it very often. Now, it seems like I'm always wearing something feminine every day. Isn't that weird? How things can change so fast. My name is Sasha and I'm a crossdresser. There I said it out loud.

If you define a "true crossdresser" by frequency then whenever you cross that imaginary and totally arbitrary number of times you dress up that makes you a true crossdresser. But then again, is this really the definition of a true crossdresser? A crossdresser is someone who dresses in clothes of the opposite gender. Curious or not, the mere fact of putting on girl's clothes (or boy's clothes if you are a girl) makes you a crossdresser. Confusing enough? It sure is.

Question: (Tina) We have to see you in heels, would you ever be able to snag a pair of stilettos to wear?


Heels. Love and hate them. But have I not shown you a picture of me in heels? I could swear I did, then again, maybe not. ;-) I love heels but I'm afraid I'm not the best walker wearing them. Nevertheless, I don't know about stilettos but I will try my best to get pictures of a nice pair... of shoes.


TG caption: saved on desktop

This is why you should never save your kinky stuff on the desktop.


TG caption (guest): andy

This is a fun picture for a TG caption. I like the humiliation aspect of it even though the story is left very open and to the imagination, which can be a good thing.

TG caption (guest): meeting alisha

Crossdressing can be so much fun.


TG caption: biggest loser

This TG caption show us all not to lose hope. If you think you can't pass then think again. All you need is a little pill called...


Question: Hey, I'd like to book you...

Hey, I'd like to book you, I mean you look like a girl, but also you look very cheap! I had this Martha from Germany the other day, wow, she was worth every $! But you .... how about 200 $ and I pick you up in a BMW? Answer slut!

I'm willing to answer any question. I'm flattered that you'd like to book me. Please call 1-900-sasha make an appointment. Unfortunately, my prices are not negotiable. I'm trying to save for a nice set of implants and Dr. Hacksaw says that they are made in Germany, they are top quality and not cheap. Perhaps they are made in the same factory that made your BMW.

I'm also happy that you had such a nice experience with Martha. Although I do not know her, I heard she really knows how to drive a stick shift. However, she is a cheap slut that would probably would have done you for free so in my opinion you overpaid.

Question: Would you ever consider taking a picture of you and your g/f together? You of course dressed up!

I really don't think anyone wants to see pictures of my male self. Pretty sad, right? I look around crossdressing blogs and for the most part the pictures are of the guy dressed up. I assume they are trying to project only their female persona. Who am I to go against the tide? Tell me what you think.

As for the picture in question, you mean this picture? ;-)

TG caption: dont-trust-friends-with-mau

With friends like that, who needs frenemies?


TG comic: bikini teal

The summer fashion is almost here so get your bikini passes ready. What will you wear for those sunny days? Do you dare to wear a nice string bikini to show off all your curves? I better start working out right now so I can get my beach body ready!


TG caption: ella surfaces

You might find yourself like this TG caption if you let yourself go too much. Would you still recognize yourself?


TG caption (guest): the-great-shift

What a great job... to prance around in expensive clothes for men. When will the next great shift happen? I need to pencil that in.


TG caption (guest): dazed and confused

Sometimes you just wake up and you have no idea where you are...


TG caption: no bikini

When you look that good who needs a bikini anyway? Of course, it is all much more important to have the latest hair style down south.


Question: Would you ever make a video of you crossed dressed?

One of my readers accused me of being an attention whore so I told him to stop reading my blog. He says he can't stop it. Videos would be a bit trickier for me to make but maybe one day I'll make one just like this other attention whore. Britney is an amazing dancer. I love the choreography @ 2:08 min.

PS. Just came to my attention that some of our international readers might not be able to watch the video. I'll let you search of it on your own if you are interested on watching it. The video is Britney Spears, Circus.


TG caption: magic heels lilac

When I go too far will you stop me or watch the train wreck?


Sadie's first blowjob

I recently met a pretty lady through this blog. Her name is Sadie and she has been crossdressing for some time now. I've posted about her on my twitter. Apparently my blog inspired, if one can call it that, to go ahead and suck some delicious (at least from what she told me) hard cock. Here is Sadie's account.

"It was...definitely an experience lol. It wasn't bad it just took a lot for the male part of me to want to do it lol. We were making out and stuff which was awkward enough for me at first but when he pulled his dick out (which was rather large lol) of his pants I almost backed out of it.

It was really odd for me being that close to another guys dick when he was hard so it took a little to get used to the idea of actually putting it in my mouth so we were laying in my bed and he started kissing me again and after a bit of that he took my hand and guided it down to his dick so I put my hand on it and started stroking it and then I stopped kissing him so I could see it and part of me was like "omg stop this!!" but I was also really turned on seeing my dainty little hands with their painted and manicured nails wrapped around his huge cock. As soon as I saw that it was like the girl side of me just took over, I stood up and pulled him to the edge of the bed and had him stand up and I put a pillow on the floor and got on my knees and started teasing him a little. Started with some little kisses and then a few licks before I finally started sucking him. It was like a completely different person was controlling me though, I dont think I could have stopped had I wanted to lol."

Sadie went on to suck for 10-15 minutes. The guy cum in her mouth and she swallowed every single drop. There you have it ladies and gents. This is Sasha reporting live.

Question: I have a few captions to send you but mail is bouncing back from admin@tgcomix.com. Could you publish the new or alternative address on the blog?

You can find my new current email on the top right corner of the blog or on my profile page. I know there are so many sexy pictures on the site which makes it very distracting and hard to look up when you can look down.

Here it is anyway: tgcomix @ yahoo duh cum.

TG caption: gogo juice

What I really like about these TG captions is the idea that by mixing the "Go Go Juice" with other drinks you get different results. Here's a universal formula: Beer + Go Go Juice = Blonde.


Question: Would you ever try on a bikini?

I would try everything once. Actually, bikini was one of the first few pieces of feminine clothing that I tried out when I first started crossdressing. I do not have any right now but Spring fashion is already here, right? I'll keep an eye out for a nice piece. It might take a few months but I'll certainly try one. I like your suggestion. I bet it would be so sexy to wear one. It would be nice to look as good as her and fill the top just as nicely.

TG caption: kira capped

This is what happens when you make TG captions for me. So, what are you waiting for?


TG caption (guest): shock

TG captions with a little twist at the end are always fun. He;s going to have a wild day that's for sure.