Question: If you had a $200 shopping spree for girl clothes only for Christmas, what would be on your shopping list?

All I want for Christmas is a topiary... a red mini dress and some heels. And of course something pretty under all the wrapping like this. Did I go over budget? Someone needs to help the economy.


TG caption: shoveling-snow

A TG caption for Niels to help him stay warm in the winter.


TG caption: spirit-of-giving

It's all about giving this TG caption Christmas!


Happy merry Christmas/holidays.

I wish you all a joyous time during this holiday season. I'm without computer access for a few days. I can't believe how time flies. I can't wait to open presents! A big kiss to all my readers that and I hope you enjoy my stories, tg captions and (mis)adventures.


Question: If you could have anything you want for christmas, what would it be???

Anything? Anything at all? Then I'd want to have a ring of transformation. A ring that you slipped on and you could change your body to whatever shape you wanted. Of course, I know exactly what I would change first... my eyes. ;-)


Question: I'm a guy who likes to have sex with "special" girls like you. Are you open to take this to the next level?

If you are truly interested then you took the time to read through my posts. And if you did that then you must realize that this gurl is taken. Besides, didn't you mother tell you that meeting strangers on the internet is dangerous? ;-)


Question: Could you maybe tell us what is happening that you are so busy, sometimes explaining things helps to shed a new light on them.

I completely agree that at times when you write it down on paper or explain it to someone, you think of something that you hadn't thought before. However, in regards to your questions I'm just busy with life right now.  I'm still just wandering around life dressing and undressing. I have been a bit lazy about writing everything up and then still have energy to make some TG captions. Which by the way I made a few the other day! With so many things pulling me in all directions it is hard to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time. Especially when there is all that shopping to be done!


TG caption: sweedish-flag

What team do you play for?


Question: How many questions do you get that never get answered?

Zero. I answer all questions. I get a lot of 'questions' but aren't really questions. They are just one word or something silly in one way or another. In the past I have made up a questions based on what single word that someone sent me but lately I have not had the time or inspiration to play that game for now. I do have a few questions that for now are just in the back burner. They are filed and will be answered when the time comes. I also get a lot of comments and requests for captions. I guess those are questions per se because they are asked "Will you make a caption where... guy gets stuck as a girl?" Requests will be fulfilled at my discretion.

Here are a few 'questions' that will probably will not get answered. Sure I could twist these into my imginarium and come up with some sort of answer but that is a lot of work and like I said before I played that game before and now it is old. I appreciate the game and it was fun but now is time to move on to shiny newer things! ;-)

"lol what kind of blighter says 'bloke'?"

"what kind of peon says bloke?>:(o)"

"Math hurts my legs!"



"epic nerd sex!!!!!"

I have much more important things to do than to make up my own question and answer! ;-)


TG caption: follow-orders-blindly

TG caption about what happens when you follow orders without questioning.


Question: Had you been cornered inebriated on Halloween by a bloke, and he gave you the choice of physical violence or relieving him with your lovely hands, what would you have done? What if it were lips instead of hands? ;-)

It really depends on how drunk I was. If I was just a little drunk I'd scream, run and probably fall on my heels and then he'd catch up to me and make me suck him off.

If I was pretty drunk, I'd probably start off with my hands, see the precum on the tip of his cock and then think, "I wonder what that tastes like." My natural curiosity and lack of judgment would lead my lips to touch the bulb of his head and soon gulp gobs of his cum.

If I was reaaaally drunk, then I'd start by licking the tip of his cock and teasing it then use my hands and after a good 10 minutes of slowly letting him fuck my mouth I'd look up and tell him I was a dirty whore. He'd end up slapping me, calling me names, pulling my hair as I gagged with his shaft deep in my throat. In the end, he'd pull out and spray my face with his cum as I thanked him.

So yeah... it really depends.


Question: My math tutor is giving me chest pains.

Maybe these 'questions' should start, Dear Dr. Sasha...

Really, if your math tutor is giving you chest pains it can only be because you let them play with your tits way too long. I recommend that you let him nibble on your nipples for 30 seconds, no more than 54 seconds and then you have to distract him by starting an oral argument.


Question: musical theory of reletivity: e=F flat

I know. I get all sorts of questions. People really like to be silly about sending msg that could be borderline spam but once in awhile it hits my silly bone and I try to respond to what can arguably be a question.

This picture shows that musical theory does not apply to breasts: F not equal to flat.


TG caption: the-secret-party

TG caption where the curiosity didn't quite killed the cat but a new pussy cat learns her lesson.


TG caption: new-position-of-power

Power comes in many ways in the TG caption world even if you are on your knees.


Question: When can I send you a birthday present?

When my birthday comes! That's on May 23.


Question: Have you tried a vibrator yet?

I have not used a vibrator yet but it is something that I'm curious about. At the height of my feminine feelings it does cross my mind. When everything is so hot and sweaty my thoughts drifts to how it would be so nice to be filled with good vibrations. It is something that I look forward to do in the future. In a way, I'm still a virgin.

TG caption: morning-surprise

Even the best laid our plans sometimes fail.


TG caption: play-in-the-cockpit

TG cap about wishes and getting what you wish for.


TG caption: sleeping-to-the-top

Anyone talking to you like in this TG caption this Halloween weekend?


TG caption: help-try-the-dildos

In this TG caption, which dildo do you think is the best? I guess you can't tell by looking but I'm sure we can do something about that so you can be of assistance.


Question: It would seem that there are not as many new caps coming out as there used to be. did someone switch you to s l o w...

You are correct. I have been lagging a bit. There are still plenty of TG captions in the back burner but I just haven't been in the mood to post them. Don't worry, TG captions never end they just slow down. Besides, slow and steady wins the race.


TG caption: this-is-what-u-wanted-right

I bet this TG caption is what many of you girls would say if you were in that position.


Question: Any word on possible completion of "teammate"? I really miss the story line and it was a great start!

It is a great TG comic that I will hopefully finish one day! However, I do not know when that will happen.

TG caption: wrong-laundry-i-swear

I totally understand the situation of this TG caption. I always pick up the wrong load at the laundry and have accumulated quite a few items. I'd return them but I don't know to whom to. ;-)


TG caption: maybe-my-boyfriend-is-right

A TG caption that is all about letting your inner girl come out.


TG caption: epic-butt

I made this TG caption taking full advantage of how shapely the model is.


TG caption: spreading-them-wide

It is always nice to have someone to help you spread out.


TG caption: submissive-slut

A little TG caption magic to make wishes come true.


TG caption: all-for-deutschland

This TG caption was for Niels who is German and loves football. It was a play on the last World Cup in wich Germany did not win.


TG caption: a-new-change-of-clothes

I remember reading a long time ago a story on fictionmania about malfunctioning auto-closets. It is a great idea for a quick change of clothes and TG caption too.


Question: I dont get it. Are you a woman or a man?

I'm a wo-man. I'm a man that is a woman. But then again, does that make me a man? How would you define a man?

Question: What is your opinion on nudist camps?

I think people are free to wear nothing if they want to. The problem is that we think of nudist camps something like this...

but reality is much more like this...

I also think that leaving something to the imagination is sexy because your mind and imagination is a powerful aphrodisiac.


Question: What would you do if you found out that most of the questions you have gotten in the past 5 months wrer from me? hypothetically, of course;)

Question: "yeah, all of those were from me: Rowan"

I'd say that you use your time in a very rewarding way. I love the interaction with my readers and I just really sit in front of the computer with my panties waiting for all the sexy questions.

Question: "what would you do to me if i sent you the same question like 5000 times?"

I'd answer one and delete like 4999 questions.

TG caption: no-turning-back

There might not be any turning back on this TG cap but she can always be on her back now.


TG caption: my-ex-gf-was-so-dumb

A fun picture to use for a TG caption.


TG caption: my-buddy-will-help-me

Working on this TG caption I wanted to play mental games, magical or not. I love girlfriend revenge caps.


TG caption: the-new-petra

A TG cap for the lovely and funny Petra.


TG caption: open-your-eyes-now

In case you have noticed, I have now posted all the TG captions that had been previously posted on my old blog. All this stuff is never seen (in my blog) TG caps.

This TG caption is an old take on being always the wingman and never the pilot. Nothing like some role reversal and a new position in life to give a new perspective.

Question: What happened to all of the pictures,whenever i click on them it makes it a tiny bit bigger and i cant zoom in?!?!

Looks like blogger changed their picture viewer system. It opens the TG caption now on a flash window instead of just a regular window. If you look at the very bottom left corner you can click on the link to take you to the old way of viewing the TG cap which would let you zoom in.



TG caption: maleness-essence-transfer

What would you do if you lost your maleness essence?


TG caption: party-with-a-witch

Party time TG caption!

Question: Is it possible for a guy to get raped by a girl?

Yes. It is about power and nothing to do with sex. I'm sure I could rape some guy, but am I really a girl? Or some girl could rape me, but am I really a guy?


TG caption: vacation-in-spain

TG caption about going on vacation for some fun in the sun.


TG caption: sasha-gone-too-far

Is this TG cap a premonition of things to come?



TG caption: join-the-army

Sure I had this TG caption for some time but I find it most appropriate to post it on this 911 day. It's time to finish the job. Where do I sign up?