Question: So do you ever plan on trying anything with a guy? Like any secrety desires to give head or anything like that?

"i am so jealous! you make such a pretty girl and the fact that your gf isn't completely freaking out about it is awesome! so do you have any plans for a girls night out together?:P and what about guys...are you curious? I have went out in public as a girl"

Yay for the very first two questions coming in! You guys are not gentle for my first time at all eh? Both of you went down and dirty and straight to the point. First, thank you very much for the questions. I'm answering both at the same time as they are basically the same question.

I wouldn't say my girlfriend is freaking out but I think she is playing her own little games. I think she is getting her kicks poking fun at me. As for girls night out that might be something in the future but I really haven't even stepped out of the apartment dressed up. Of course in my head and imagination I've gone through all sorts of adventures.

As for guys, if you had asked me this question three years ago I'd say, "No guys thank you." Now, I'm not as sure. I'm coming from making X rated TG captions and in those captions the guy turns into a girl and does everything that a girl does. So, now that I crossed an imaginary and completely arbitrary boundary by dressing up does that bring me closer to the fantasy of actually getting to 3rd base? I really can't answer that. At times when I'm all dolled up the thought of a guy treating me like a lady sex crazy kitten crosses my mind and that includes imagining what it would be like to be on my knees. The thought of it brings out the submissive in me. But this is all in my head of course. In many ways this is the creative juice behind my TG captions. If you come to my site then you probably have TG fantasies of your own and fantasized about all of this.

The short answer is, maybe one day but not anytime soon.


  1. I absolutely love to give a man a blow job. It is a wonderful way to let him know he is oh so special and his love muscle is appreciated. Love to swallow too all his life giving seed. every last drop ... never waste it.

  2. @Josie,

    I'm sure it is a very special and feminine thing to do and I'm happy that you took the time share your experience with us.

  3. I think you should put a little bit of time, if you have not already, into thinking about just what it is you really desire. Do you desire having a boyfriend? Or do you desire to be a girlfriend? The difference is not trivial. While I can't get into your head a quick look at your webage tells me the answer is almost certainly the latter. You don't have pictures of strapping young men with comments about how sexy you thnk they are; you have pictures of hot young girls with comments about how sexy it would be to be in their place. You're an autogynephile, and now you've even gone a step further and are (at least in the privacy of your apt.) a cross-dresser. Even if you didn't obsess over how sexy looking young naked girls were on your site I could guess from just statistics that you were probably a heterosexual with a fetish instead of a homosexual, as the vast majority of cross dressers are heterosexual men. It is not for you own peace of mind that I suggested you clarify whether you really desire men or you just desire to be able to experience being a woman; I suspect this is all 'old hat' to you.

    For a day stop putting yourself in Sasha's cute little head and put yourself in the place of a different girl: Lauren. She obviously cares alot about you based on how she's reacted to learning about Sasha, and unless she knows (or has googled about) obscure gender psychology demographics she is probably terrified that the boyfriend she has invested her emotions and hopes and time in will eventually wind up breaking up with her because she doesn't have the proper equipment to satisfy him! In fact, considering how real women behave I wouldn't be surprised if some of the odd comments and bitting jests she makes are actually tests to see how you react to the idea of being another man's sexual partner and if she should continue investing herself in your relationship or cut her losses and leave you before you break her heart and dump her for some hairy-backed plumber named Manuel. Her hopes for your future relationship could be secretly being verified or crushed based on what you consider insignifcant responses to annoying behavior. It might go a LONG way to putting her at ease with you and Sasha if you printed out some research off the 'net and showed her the statistics that cross-dressing is overwhelmingly a heterosexual fetish and that you're playing at cross-dressing not being a drag queen. Perversely, ahem, the particular nature of your transgender fantasy is evidence that you're NOT a gay man who's just stringing her along until you come out of a closet, but imagine yourself in Lauren's place if she doesn't know that statistic. Assuring your girlfriend that you find HER desireable and that you really want to have a creative and imaginative sex life with HER, and that Sasha doesn't ultimately want a boyfriend (which Lauren wouldn't be equiped to be) so much as she wants to be someone's sexy girlfriend (which with a little imagination Lauren might really enjoy playing along with) could relieve a lot of stress she's probably been feeling since she discovered your fetish and make her warm up to Sasha more than she has (figuratively and literally).

  4. @Anonymous,

    I like you. You give good advice taking into account the limited information of what is my life that is on this site. I say that as a compliment. I already gave a lot of thought to a lot of things you said but it is always nice to have someone sometimes tell you to do it again.

    I learned new things from you. I've been reading about 'autogynephile.' As much I do not like the oversimplification of labels, that one rings true at many levels with me.

    I'll do some thinking and let you all know what I find out. Thank you VERY much for taking the time and care to write a great comment.