I'm a private model

I still cannot stop thinking about the weekend. Lauren had brought a few outfits and asked me if I wanted to try them on. I of course said yes. I think I may have failed miserably in trying to not sound too eager which elicited a laugh from Lauren.

I'm so glad Lauren and I are just about the same size. I wouldn't say all her clothes would fit me but a fair number would. This is great because hopefully, I can borrow some depending on her mood and disposition and not having to start buying everything from scratch. Speaking of clothes, this past week it just dawned on me that I have no feminine shoes, panties, or any lingerie! And let me tell you that it didn't go unnoticed by Lauren. No way she let me wear her panties. That would be too weird. And her shoes do not fit me. That means - shopping!

Thank you for the comments on the pictures of my legs on my last post. I'm still riding the high today as I type this. Although I wear pants at work. I know how smooth and feminine my legs are... and so do you. It's our little secret. To Felicia Anne, yes having "soft, pretty legs" feels great. It makes me want to show them off. However, I'll try my best to control my inner slut. I think a girl next door fashion style is more to my liking.

Posting photos is fun but also requires quite a bit of work at times. I can't just point and shot as that would probably look awful. For every photo that I post here there are lots of them that didn't make the cut. There is a lot of playing with poses, lighting and angles. It is all smoke and mirrors but so are all the photos in magazines. Although I have long hair, I admit I still love a good wig. It totally changes a person's look without commitment. Stacey Kay you wanted to see some skirts. For now this is all I can give you. I hope to continue posting pics of me and my new outfits in the future. I just arrived from Catholic school and I need to do my homework. Well... not really. But it is fun to pretend. Oh yeah, I couldn't resist and make mini TG captions of my pictures.

And here is one of just wearing jeans, girl jeans. It feels different in that it feels so fitted and stretchy to my body. I bet I could wear skinny pants outside. I see teen guys do that all the time. It is something to think about.

I almost forgot to mention that Lauren helped a bit with make up. All I have to say is that she is good and that I have so much to learn. The whole process is like painting a Degas or a Rembrandt. Ok, maybe not Rembrandt as his paintings were a little dark for my liking. Unless we are talking about eye shadow.


  1. whoa! looking super sexy Girl! ^_^

    Now, do a curtsy! oh, and that oops I dropped something pose. *giggle*

  2. Now Sasha, you know that all good catholic school girls need to wear Mary Jane shoes. That will be 10 spankings. Come on over here and rest on my knee. Thats a good girl, let me just flip that skirt up and out of the way....

    (sorry... daydreaming there!)

    Very sexy Sasha. You look great!! Keep up the work, and keep up the fun!!

  3. OMG!!! So amazing, hun!!! i love the legs, especially in the skirt! don't hide the glorious gams up under jeans, if you can at all. You can still be the girl next door with skirts, too. ;-) heh, guess its just a thing for me.

    Make sure and get some good lingerie to help you feel your girly best. Even when its not seen it SOOO helps you feel so much more a girl! And the feel of fresh stockings on smooth legs is devine!!! And do stockings, not panty hose; its so much more liberating!

    Oh, and hun, shoes, gotta get some great shoes! i hate how i could go broke on shoes i'd never be able to wear, but i'd still love to. And learn your women's shoe size; i hate having to see a number that large, but it helps you out. And try to get a size larger if your doing high heels while you're still learning; the extra room can help. Oh, and don't be discouraged by not finding shoes large enough for you; there are places around. If you don't have a local TV store, sometimes 'risque' stores (think strippers as cusotmers) will carry TV stuff; if nothing else, there are always places on line.

    Oh hun, i'm so happy for you! You are looking so good!


  4. Cut the head off the pictures and I'd really think it's a girl standing there. ;) Have fun on your way! Guess you are lucky to have a open minded gf like Lauren. :)