2010 Year in Review

The end of the year is fast approaching so like a TV show it is time to do a roundup. The first part of the year was uneventful when it comes to TG captions and adventures. I had a handful of TG captions to post but nothing to brag about.

During the Fall I decided to move my TG caption site to blogger from my own web hosting. It is a lot easier to use and I still have lots of room to play with the design. I also enjoy the blogger community and that you can follow and be followed. That sounded voyeurishly kinky. Plus, it is also free to host stuff on blogger. The drawback of the move was that I lost my position on the first page of google if you searched for 'TG caption.' As of now, it looks like I'm on page 3. For 'TG comics' I'm still on the first page. Not too shabby. I'll crawl my way up again. Yes, I've successfully bored you to death now with web stuff. Moving on to sexier things.

Moving my TG caption blog to blogger renewed my interest in creating and posting TG captions. Ok I admit, I'm slowly posting old work but it is new for all the new readers right? And I find it refreshing to read my old TG comics.

The big news of course was that I started crossdressing again after many years in hiatus. And this time I'm sharing my experience with all of you. I'm still keeping everything in the safety and anonymity of my apartment but posting crossdressing stuff on the web is kinda going out in public... sorta... ok, not really. Let's just pretend you agree with me. The other twist in my adventures is that my girlfriend Lauren found out about my crossdressing and so far she has been willing to help in her own way. She throws her little jabs of humiliation at me when we go out to buy feminine clothes but without her I would have a much harder time buying anything feminine at all. Not to mention that she shares some of her clothes. She has her fun; I have my fun; It's all good.

I have gone further exploring my feminine side this year than before. I find it scary and exciting at the same time. Where will the rabbit hole take me? I don't know.

Lastly, I want to thank you. Yes, you. You come here and read my blog leaving your tiny digital footprints all over the place. I enjoy the brief minutes we spend together each day or week. I'd like to say I write just for myself but that would be only 95% true because a part of me writes for you. I make TG captions and stories and posts for my own entertainment as well as for your entertainment. Thank you for reading and leaving comments. We have a good thing going, you and I.

As you noticed, I put up my email address and Yahoo IM if you want to say hi. I leave you this year with a fun picture of me. See you on the other side! I wish you a happy new 2011.

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  1. Happy New Year Sasha!

    Sounds like you had a fun 2010, and that 2011 is going to be even better!