TG caption: walking on heels

Remember ladies to dress appropriately or you might find yourself in a situation like this caption.


TG caption: spring break follies

You should always carefully read drug labels and more importantly consult a doctor about side effects. Otherwise you may end up like this TG caption. Then again, maybe that is not such a bad thing.


TG caption: cum too fast

Girls, watch out for those fast shooters.


TG caption: made to fit

This is why it is so dangerous to play dress up. You can get caught! But isn't that part of the thrill?


TG caption: sitting here all day

I'm sure the lot of you if you found yourselves in the same situation as this TG caption would do a lot more than sit all day at home and sulk.


TG caption: glued

In this TG caption you'd find yourself in a whole new set of situations. It would be awful to be found... but then again, maybe not.


TG captions from guests

I'm slowly processing the guest TG captions. Here are a few of the oldies. They are simple and fun. Enjoy the quickies.

TG caption: better go home

I bet a lot of you wish you had the same problem as in this TG caption. I like the look in her face. It is like she is keeping an eye on some guys to make sure they don't get too close.


TG caption: elective surgery

In this TG caption I explore the problems of medical negligence. Things like this actually happen. Well... not implants and getting a pussy but in the medical field there are mix ups. This caption just makes it all fun.

TG caption: chest too real

In this TG caption, you have to watch out when you agree to do something and your girlfriend takes it to the next level. Tricky girlfriend.


TG caption: the birth of alexia

It all start with fun and games until someone gets what they want, right? This outfit really looks good on her and those legs... oh my!


TG caption: adonis

In this TG caption, somehow I don't think she will get any balls back... at least not in the way she expects but then again, maybe she is expecting and just playing. And don't you just love those heels?


TG caption: broken

Don't you just hate when you join something without reading the full disclosure and then you feel the consequences? It sucks... bad.


TG comic: Helping Brother

In this TG comic - how far would you go to help? Would you let yourself turn into a woman? In this audience, I guess we all know what the answer would be.


TG caption: lockedout

Don't you just hate when you get all dressed up to go out in public and then decide you want to go back home and can't find your keys? Although in this TG caption I would not mind at all be out and playing.


TG comic: not jennifer

I'm revisiting old TG captions and this one is a nice juicy one. This is what happens when you want to help your friend and he thinks you are someone you are not, then again, perhaps you are exactly what he thinks you are, don't you think?


TG caption: bikini everything ok

Looks like the move to blogger is going pretty well. I fixed a lot of broken links and sprinkled some of the old posts with TG captions so it looks a little more colorful. Unfortunately some of the old posts might not match the caption. I plan to continue to post all of the older captions as soon as possible then move on to making some newer TG captions.

I'm tired now and I'm out to the beach to try my new bikini. I hope I fit in.


TG caption: little tucked in secret

You hide it so well it is almost like it isn't there.

TG caption: magic slave colar

You know you are in trouble when you get home and your master puts the slave collar on you. All you wanted was to read some TG captions and now you are part of one.

TG caption: go with the flow

Here is the first test post TG caption to see how everything goes.

A new home for tgcomix.com

I decided to give up the dedicated host and move to blogger as it cost too much money and I wasn't taking full advantage of it. In the next days I'll be reposting all the caps and playing with picasa to hopefully give access to everyone to the TG captions in a photo album format as well as in a blog format.


There are always TG captions

Feeling that itch again that you can't scratch? Here is the solution. Read some TG captions and let yourself out of control. Now don't go out and do something weird or anything. And remember keep your panties on.